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Key takeaway from Iowa: Buttigieg, Sanders are both winners

2020 election vote
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One thing folks are missing with the still-ongoing Iowa Democratic caucus count is: it doesn’t matter who wins, ultimately.

Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are the two big winners, no matter who it is who ends up first, and who ends up second.

For Buttigieg, in particular, his status in the top two proves him to be viable, in a way that few would have predicted a few months ago.

And for Sanders, he has an important leg up on Elizabeth Warren in what had seemed to be a two-person race on the left-of-center-left side of the nomination battle.

This is all getting lost in the back-and-forth between the various camps about who is supposedly conspiring with who, which, this is what Democrats do.

You know, like blow the surest-thing election in history to a wannabe despot, because the various players on the Dem side can’t stop stepping on their own dicks.

On the point of what happened to delay the vote reporting, seriously, incompetence never entered the equation?

Anyway, what the takeaway should be is: Buttigieg, Sanders, legs up in the race.

With Mike Bloomberg, of more money than God, looming in the background.

Story by Chris Graham

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