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Kevin J Donaldson sheds light on relationships to develop for business success

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44 year-old Kevin J Donaldson, author of ‘10 Secrets of The New Rich’ and founder of Real Wealth Solutions®, has had to overcome an incredible amount during his life to reach the success he enjoys today. Conquering his ‘humble beginnings’ and gaining mastery over his education, finances, health, spirituality and, most importantly, his relationships allowed him to achieve business success – the secrets of which he wishes to share with any willing to listen.

Humble beginnings

Kevin’s story began in 1977 in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in Crown Heights, Kevin and his 11 other siblings relied on public assistance from a young age as a result of his mother’s disability. This led to the development of his entrepreneurial spirit – from a young age he would pack bags at the local grocery store to earn some money, but would not be taught anything regarding the value of it until much later during adulthood.

Following the passing of his brother when he was ten, Kevin’s mom moved him to Rochester where he was able to thrive because of the much better environment. In the next ten years it took Kevin to accept his brother’s death, he became a more loving, understanding and empathetic person; he credits his ability to help others today to his understanding of death, which would only be built upon as he continued in life.

After enrolling on a competitive nursing program at a rival high school, Kevin graduated as a licensed practical nurse and began working as one during and after college. He describes becoming a nurse as one of the best moves he ever made due to the life lessons he learnt on the job; it built on his pre-existing compassion and empathy skills and taught him the importance of connection in relationships – a skill that is paramount for business.

On top of this, Kevin quickly had to learn how to supplement his income whilst on a nurse’s salary. Due to the fact that it wasn’t extravagantly paid, he had the opportunity to stoke his entrepreneurial mind and pursue other ventures, which eventually led to his career in pharmaceutical sales.

Importance of relationships in his current pursuits

Business relies on the successful maintenance of relationships – Kevin realized this early on in his career, which explains why his business has been so lucrative. Given the financial struggle Kevin experienced in the first  half of his life, and the basis for this being the lack of economic education provided during or after school, he was passionate to establish a resource for financial and business knowledge that people willing to learn could refer to.

In 2010, Kevin founded Real Wealth Solutions® for this purpose. Having already outlined the blueprint for financial independence in his book several years earlier, RWS was meant to be a holistic resource to help people to achieve financial freedom and pass on generational wealth by increasing their knowledge of the pillars of success: finances, health, spirituality and relationships.

According to Kevin, the basis of financial freedom for those looking to establish it is life insurance as it helps to facilitate growth. When a family’s main breadwinner dies, a family suffers in many ways – but the existence of a life insurance policy creates an immediate tax-free death benefit, adding to the family’s net worth.

This leads people to be healthier and to have better relationships, which is empowering and has positive benefits for those seeking to found a business. Kevin stresses that the ability to develop meaningful relationships in itself is a skill that is invaluable to businesses – whose very purpose is to be able to connect with customers and be able to provide value to them.

Final comments

Kevin is a remarkable man. Not only due to the adversity he has had to overcome to run the successful business he does today, but his need to find the best medium through which to share his knowledge with others to share what he has learnt about financial freedom, business, and the importance of the ability to develop relationships.

Kevin hopes to use Real Wealth Solutions® as a platform to eliminate poverty and reduce governmental dependence, and if the success of his former and current clients is anything to go by, he’s well on his way to achieving this goal.

Story by Giuliana Speranza