Kenny Omega’s surprise exit from the New Japan Cup, and his future plans

kenny omegaIn case you’re not “in tune” with happenings around the leader of the Bullet Club, you may want to ask around for the winner of the G1 Climax in 2016. Kenny Omega made history when he became the first gaijin to with the reputable belt under the weirdest circumstances. It’s rather unfortunate he failed to keep up the tempo in Wrestle Kingdom and now New Japan.

For many, Kenny Omega is a favourite and the game is different with him. But why he lost to Kazuchika Okada in an event everyone thought he was going to emerge champion is both surprising and disappointing. And even Kenny Omega is not left out in the lamentation as he never saw the defeat coming.

When asked how he felt about the surprise exit, Kenny Omega admitted he was a “damn” failure, especially after drawing so much attention to himself following his recent exploits. To battle as an underdog is nothing new, but when you take your game to the highest level, you’re expected to perform likewise. For serious punters, it’s about after getting an offer of free spins UK.

CHAOS certainly had something on Kenny Omega, and even the leader of the Bullet Club is aware of this; though he chooses not to blame it on his shoulder injury. Though it’s a lot to process at the moment, especially after letting so many fans down, Kenny Omega feels he’s going to bounce back better and will exceed everyone’s expectation again.

According to Kenny Omega twitter handle, the shoulder injury he sustained at Korakuen show is yet to completely heal. But he hopes his tag matches at the New Japan Cup will help him make a full recovery.

With tournaments like Sakura Genesis, Dontaku and Dominion, around the corner, the self-acclaimed “Best Bout Machine” is hoping he would be involved in the best matches. Though he’s not coming out to declare it, Kenny Omega believes he still deserves a chance to get the belt and fighting in the big matches can make that possible. After all, he’s got the skills, the ratings and the fame. And yes, we’ve also heard him say he’s the best wrestler to make the money, which isn’t far from the truth.      But of course, who fights in the big match is a decision for the company to make, taking in consideration things like popularity and sponsors, like bet365 mobile app android or other companies.

Though it’s not actually clear what his future is, it might interest you to know that Omega also won the Match of the Year for 2017. After his surprised exit for the New Japan Cup, it looks like he’s currently faced with deciding where next he’s going to go, whether Kenny Omega WWE or NJPW.

Moving to the WWE may not come as a surprise considering the fact his current contract with New Japan ends ended in January. But then, how many of us would like to see the transition?

When asked about his future, Omega made it clear he would only make his decision after meeting Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, who are both into the wrestling business. Until then, we will continue to stay afloat.

Omega’s first ever 6 star rating by Meltzer in his Wrestle Kingdom 11 match might actually be well deserved. And it’s no surprise that the Bullet Club leader is the best wrestler in the world right now according to many people’s estimation. And whether he lands a promotion in the middle of Siberia or ply his trade elsewhere, it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s a superstar!


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