Keeping your business’ data safe online: A guide

businessThe threat of hackers and malware viruses is greater than ever before, and it will only continue to increase as we introduce more tech items into our everyday lives and our businesses. From smart home systems to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing, there are more openings within our digital security than ever before. When a business gets hacked and its information either sold or held for ransom, then that business’ very existence is under threat. To help avoid this from happening to you and your business, you need to keep your data safe. You need to follow this guide:

Keep Your Systems Updated

Updates most commonly contain security updates that help prevent and protect your data and systems from hackers. It is important that you keep all of your programs, even the ones you don’t open, updated. This will help protect your overall system’s security and keep everything optimized and ready to use. If you aren’t planning on using the program again in the future, uninstall it. Similarly, only download programs if you trust the publisher.

Follow the Best Security Practices

Using cloud computing is a great way to back up your company’s data, scale up or down as you need to, and improve your company’s overall efficiency and capability. It is also at risk, with a 300% increase in attempted cyber attacks against these systems year after year. Attempted hacks cannot hurt you, but the increase in frequency does mean your data is at risk. That is why following these Azure cloud service security tips is mandatory for all cloud users. Hacker’s cannot hurt you if they cannot get past your security, so don’t make it easy for them and ensure your cloud account is secure.

Have a Backup of Your Critical Information

Redundant data systems work by replicating your data on different services. This way, if one server were to fail your data is still safe and secure. The same should apply to your business. Rather than rely on servers of others, always have a backup of your critical information for offline use. This way, if something were to happen to your cloud account, you can recover.

Train Your Employees on Digital Safety

Having the right systems in place will go a long way to protect your data, but it can only do so much in the face of human intervention. That is why training your employees is a critical step to improve both your business’ safety and your employees. Have a specialist come in and train them on how to detect phishing scams and other types of threats before they become issues. The more they know, the more they can help you protect your company’s data.

Being safe online is important for everyone. From individuals right up to the largest corporations. By staying on top of security news, and training yourself and your employees in the best security methods, you can help reduce threats and maximize your company’s security now and into the future.

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