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Kaine TV ads play up bipartisanship

A pair of TV ads from the Tim Kaine Senate campaign put the spotlight on the former Democratic governor’s efforts to reach across the aisle to work with Republicans to break legislative gridlock.

In “Partner,” Kaine discusses his work with presidents of both parties to move Virginia forward. “I don’t agree with any president all the time, but I know that when our nation succeeds Virginia succeeds,” Kaine says in the ad. “As governor, I worked with the Bush administration to build Rail to Dulles and with the Obama administration to stop an aircraft carrier from moving out of Virginia.”

Kaine concludes: “Washington needs more partners and fewer partisans.”

In “Middle Ground,” Kaine lays out his approach to reducing the deficit and avoiding sequestration cuts by offering an approach to break the partisan stalemate over the expiring Bush tax cuts. While President Obama wants the Bush tax cuts to expire for income above $250,000 and Republicans, including George Allen, want to make them permanent, Kaine lays out a common sense compromise.”There’s a middle ground,” says Kaine. “Let the tax cuts expire for those earning over $500,000. This reduces the deficit, avoids devastating cuts to defense, education, and Medicare, and saves jobs.” The Richmond Times-Dispatch has endorsed Kaine’s proposal, writing “If congressional Republicans and the Obama White House were interested in accomplishing something, then they would agree to Kaine’s compromise.”

“As mayor and as governor, I worked with leaders in both parties, local, state, and federal government officials, and the public and private sectors to get results for Virginia,” said Kaine. “We can have the best ideas in the world but we won’t get results unless both sides work together to put practical solutions ahead of partisan rhetoric. That’s why I’ve offered a middle ground approach to reduce our deficit and avoid devastating cuts to defense and other key priorities. Virginians have had enough of the gridlock and partisanship.  They expect their representatives to work together.  As Virginia’s senator, I’ll partner with anyone working to deliver results for the Commonwealth and the country.”

The campaign of Kaine’s Republican rival, George Allen, referred to the ads as “two new TV episodes in his ‘Extreme Makeover’ series” in a press release.

“Tim Kaine may claim credit in his new TV ad for keeping the Navy carrier in Hampton Roads, but Tim Kaine has a record of staying silent when Virginia jobs were at risk,” said State Del. Ron Villanueva, R-Virginia Beach, in a statement released by the Allen campaign.  “While Virginia Republicans and Democrats worked hard to try to prevent the Joint Force Command move, Kaine refused to fight for the thousands of Hampton Roads jobs, saying ‘everything has be on the table.’

“It’s clear that jobs have always been ‘on the table’ for Tim Kaine as Virginia lost over 100,000 jobs while he was Governor. Virginians know that leadership is not claiming credit during an election. George Allen has a successful record of working with Democrats and Republicans to make tough decisions and achieve historic reforms for Virginia,” Villanueva said.

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