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Kaine issues statement on Senate debate on voting rights bill

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Senate Democrats are using current Senate procedure to begin debate on voting rights legislation, a symbolic act that we know isn’t going to work, because of the sacred filibuster.

Sen. Tim Kaine felt compelled to put out a statement on this show debate.

“As a senator sworn to protect and defend the Constitution who has lived through an attack on our constitutional form of government on Jan. 6 and seen efforts to restrict voting rights across the country, I have concluded that debating and passing legislation that will protect the integrity of our electoral processes is of paramount importance to prevent any future assault on our democracy. The floor debate should be vigorous with an opportunity for colleagues to offer amendments to the bill,” Kaine said.

“The provisions in the voting rights bill are popular with Republicans, Democrats and independents. Virginia has made many of these changes and we have seen voter turnout increase, and that increased turnout led to the recent election of a Republican governor. These changes wouldn’t harm either party, but they will benefit and safeguard our democracy,” Kaine said.

Story by Chris Graham

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