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Kaine campaign hits Allen on Social Security

Today the Kaine for Virginia campaign continued to highlight George Allen’s support for privatizing Social Security with a video entitled “Retirement (in)Security.”

The video spotlights comments made by George Allen over the weekend at a GOP primary debate where he doubled down on his support for President Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security.

When asked about the future of Social Security, Allen said, “I have voted for allowing individuals additional options for their retirement security.”

The video reminds viewers that if George Allen had been successful, the average senior would have lost thousands in retirement savings as the stock market bottomed out. In the video, CNN’s Jack Cafferty says of privatization, “It failed back then, but that concept could still very much become a reality.”

“George Allen’s continued support for reckless plans to privatize Social Security and leave benefits to the whim of a volatile stock market would have been disastrous for the income seniors rely on, and would still be disastrous today,” said Kaine for Virginia Press Secretary Lily Adams. “Tim Kaine has pledged to strengthen existing programs, not dismantle them. That makes the choice for voters very clear in this election.”

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