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Kaine ad targets senior vote

A new TV ad from the Tim Kaine Senate campaign aims to reaffirm the Democratic Party nominee’s commitment to strengthening programs that ensure a healthy and secure retirement for Virginia seniors, including Social Security and Medicare.

The ad also goes on the attack on Republican nominee George Allen, citing votes by the former senator to gut Medicare, shift Social Security dollars to private accounts, and his plans in this campaign to increase health care costs for seniors.

A senior featured in the spot offers the money line: “We can’t take another chance on George Allen.”

“I will always work to strengthen programs like Social Security and Medicare that our seniors have paid into and rely upon for a secure retirement,” Kaine said. “There are smart strategies we can pursue today, like allowing Medicare to negotiate for cheaper prescription drug prices, that will save meaningful costs in the short and long term, help bring down the deficit, and won’t jeopardize benefits and quality of care. But I will oppose efforts to privatize these programs, which would shift costs onto the backs of seniors and create an undue burden for older Virginians.”

The Allen campaign responded swiftly Thursday morning, calling the ad “misleading” in a press release and saying the spot is “part of a campaign to frighten seniors into voting for him.”

“While George Allen has a proven record of working with others to strengthen Social Security and expand Medicare coverage, Tim Kaine thinks he can back seniors into his corner with enough frightening claims about their benefits,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for George Allen for U.S. Senate.

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