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Kai Degner: Bob Goodlatte complicit in Wells Fargo scam

kai degnerKai Degner, challenger to 24-year incumbent congressman Bob Goodlatte, published an article and released a video Friday tying Goodlatte’s obstruction of the Arbitration Fairness Act to the recent Wells Fargo scam.

The statement on his campaign website is accompanied by a video Degner recorded with renowned customer rights attorney, Tom Domonoske.

Degner argues that Goodlatte has for years refused to hold hearings or move forward with the Arbitration Fairness Act, which would remedy a widely reported-on phenomenon of corporations forcing customers to forfeit their constitutional rights to the American legal system.

“The fact that Bob Goodlatte won’t hold hearings on the Arbitration Fairness Act is another example of how his obstruction keeps in place circumstances that hurt everyday Americans, like those Wells Fargo customers,” says Degner. “On this issue, my race is the most important in the country because Bob Goodlatte is personally responsible for keeping this consumer rights violation in place.”

The post ends by stating, “Perhaps Goodlatte’s refusal to address the Arbitration Fairness Act is why the National Auto Dealers Association have contributed $102,000 to Mr. Goodlatte, or why the American Bankers Association has given him $69,500, and why commercial banks have combined for $222,450 in contributions (since 1998. Source”

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