Jury duty scam making the rounds in Augusta County

Photo Credit: senorjackson/iStock Photo

Someone identifying as an employee of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office is calling people demanding gift cards for supposedly missed jury duty.

Yeah, it’s a scam.

The sheriff’s office sent out a press release on this on Friday.

It’s hard to believe people falling for this one, honestly.

The caller says the only way to rectify the missed jury duty is to purchase a gift card at a set amount, then read off the numbers on the card.

Seriously, people answer phone numbers that are unknown these days? And then don’t Google unknown numbers to try to find out if they’re legit?

Both are good ideas.

Anyway, as if it’s not clear, the sheriff’s office doesn’t collect fees for jury duty, and the whole gift card thing is off the charts.

Call the sheriff’s office at 540-245-5333 if you have any questions.

Story by Chris Graham

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