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John Warner endorses Abigail Spanberger for re-election in Seventh District

john warner abigail spanberger
Retired U.S. Sen. John Warner meets Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. Photo courtesy Abigail Spanberger campaign.

Retired Republican U.S. Sen. John Warner has endorsed freshman Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger for re-election in Virginia’s Seventh District.

Spanberger was first elected to the seat representing the Seventh District in 2018.

Warner served in the U.S. Senate for 30 years before retiring in 2009.

John Warner’s endorsement

“I have enjoyed discussing with Abigail Spanberger the many issues facing the people of Virginia during these extraordinary and uncertain times. The COVID-19 crisis, its damaging impact on our nation, is foremost on all of our minds. Our response requires leaders like Abigail who are working with other public officeholders, listening to the citizenry, and taking into consideration their views as decisions are made in how best to help Virginia.

“As Abigail travels her district, she gains an awareness firsthand of how these difficult times are impacting, increasingly, your life and that of your family and neighbors. Based on her valuable experience gained in her first term in Congress proudly representing the Seventh District, she better understands how to make sure Virginia gets its fair share of federal assistance, especially those working in agriculture or operating a small business.

“During my entire 30 years in the Senate, I lived on my farm in Fauquier County, near the borders of your district. I am no stranger to the uniqueness of the issues facing the rural economy, and in our discussions, Abigail and I have frequently talked about the range of challenges facing rural Virginians.

“As an enlisted sailor in World War Two, as former Secretary of the U.S. Navy, and as former Chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, I have developed a confidence in Abigail’s ability and duty to keep a watchful eye over the needs of those in uniform, past and present, and their families.

“Virginia has a unique set of values that sets it apart from many other states, and Abigail is eminently qualified to preserve those values that present and future generations are most likely to desire. We both are grateful to Virginia’s many superb educational institutions and are both graduates of that system. It’s important that she, who has benefited from that education, works to keep that foundation strong and prosperous and as widely available as possible to future students. Hopefully, she will inspire in them a desire, at some point in their careers, to pursue a period of public service of their choice.

“Like this old Senator did, Abigail Spanberger fights to seek bipartisan solutions and to always put Virginia’s interests first. But for a few miles, my farm residence might well be in your district, where I would give a resounding “yes” vote for Abigail. I hope you’ll take my place.”