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Jim Ross: Is Kurt Angle returning to WWE?

kurt angleJim Ross sees Kurt Angle following through on his recent comments about wanting to return to WWE. But Ross, the former head of talent relations in WWE, doesn’t think it will be automatic that the oft-injured Olympic wrestling gold medalist will be given medical clearance by the company.

“I’d surmise that for Kurt to return to in ring competition in WWE that he would have to pass an extensive physical as that particular landscape has changed drastically, and for the better, since Angle last appeared in WWE,” Ross wrote on his blog on Sunday.

Angle’s TNA contract is up later this year. Even as TNA is set to induct Angle into its Hall of Fame, he has been musing publicly in multiple interviews about his desire to finish his career where it started, in WWE, where he was a multi-time singles champ.

Ross offered Angle advice on how to lengthen his career.

“My only suggestion for Kurt or even Cody Rhodes for that matter is to eliminate the top of the cage moonsaults from their repertoire. The win/loss ratio attempting that maneuver isn’t good and to me is ill advised. This is another spectacular finishing maneuver that has been relegated to a ‘high spot’ which, to me, is insanity,” Ross wrote.


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