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Jim Gilmore not worried by low poll numbers

jim-gilmoreFormer Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore – yes, he was once Virginia’s governor – is apparently not concerned that he is barely registering as a presidential candidate.

“There is still time for this race to turn to substance and experience, and I believe when it does, I will be the nominee,” Gilmore told The Richmond Times-Dispatch in an interview on Wednesday.

Gilmore served as governor of Virginia from 1998-2002. His term is best remembered for the elimination of the so-called car tax, the personal property tax on vehicles, a move that continues to have negative repercussions on local government finances across the Commonwealth.

Gilmore had previously served the state as its attorney general.

He ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 2008. Saying that he was unsuccessful is an understatement, actually. Democrat Mark Warner received 65 percent of the vote in the two-way race, nearly doubling Gilmore’s take of the vote.

Gilmore told the T-D Wednesday that he believes he will be included in the Sept. 16 CNN Republican debate, though he seemed to want to hedge his bets in that respect.

“I’m optimistic that things are going to go just fine, I have a strategy to win and I will carry out that strategy whether I am in the CNN debate or not,” Gilmore said.

– Story by Chris Graham