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Jennifer Lewis announces Sixth District Small Business Tour

Jennifer LewisDemocratic Party congressional nominee Jennifer Lewis announced a small business listening tour that will take her to a small business in each of the 227 precincts of Virginia’s Sixth District.

The objective is to hear directly from small business owners and employees about their day-to-day problems, how they feel about our politics, and what solutions make sense to them.

As of today, Lewis has visited 42 small businesses and covered every precinct in Amherst County, Buena Vista, and Waynesboro. She has also visited small businesses in Augusta County, Lynchburg, Rockingham County, and Shenandoah County.

The goal is to finish the listening tour by Oct. 30.

“I’ve been humbled by how open and honest business owners have been when chatting about the serious problems they’re facing,” Lewis said. “Small businesses owners stress again and again the importance of affordable healthcare, reducing red tape and administrative bureaucracies, and fighting a corrupt system that prioritizes large corporations over small businesses and working families.”