Jeffrey Hunt: Another way

Letter from Jeffrey Hunt
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At a recent public square concerning the state budget, Gov. McDonnell proudly claimed he and former Gov. Kaine have shed $10 billion from the state budget in response to decreasing revenues stemming from the economic crisis. Much of the services cut are in the vital health and education sectors. These services are used by the most needy, and it is unfair that we balance the budget on the backs of those who are already the most hard-pressed by the economic climate.

This makes little economic sense because putting money in the hands of the poor and middle class is the best way to stimulate an economy. The poor and middle class spend efficiently, purchasing necessary goods and services that directly support local businesses and keep money flowing in our economy.

As McDonnell said, people “want their dollar to stretch further, and government to be more efficient.” We can fulfill this by raising revenue from those who can afford it, rather than limiting the spending power of the poor and middle class by cutting vital services.

Jeffrey Hunt resides in Richmond.

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