Jean-Pierre Augustin explains why every student should start boxing

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  • The benefits of boxing for students have been repeatedly documented
  • Despite this, critics of the sport continue to condemn it as overtly violent
  • Exploring the ample benefits that boxing can provide for students according to one of the most distinguished heavyweight professionals in 2021.

The plethora of benefits that extracurricular activities and sport can bring to students are widely acknowledged, but this is seldom the case when it comes to the infamous sport of boxing.

This is because a prolific number of individuals still view boxing as a relatively violent and grotesque sport. In fact, some have even gone far enough to suggest that it is inherently dangerous, outdated and out of place in the 21st century.

This is not really the case, however. Ample scientific studies have illustrated the numerous health and social benefits that boxing can bring for young students. To this day, Anthony Joshua- the current WBA, IBF, WBO and IBF heavyweight champion of the world, still credits boxing for instilling discipline in him, and for consequently allowing him to segue away from any illegal activity that he was previously involved with.

As it often turns out, learning boxing can play a crucial step- particularly for underprivileged individuals, in developing the necessary skills needed in order to handle a variety of different challenges’’- says Jean-Pierre Augustin, a former WBO and IBF North American heavyweight champion with decades of experience.

Below we will explore the top five advantages that the sport of boxing can bring to students according to Jean-Pierre Augustin- regardless of their social, economic or racial background.

5 advantages of boxing for students

Boxing improves your health

According to Jean-Pierre Augustin, the physical and mental health benefits of boxing are widely acknowledged. For students in particular, adopting a relatively active lifestyle that directly increases their metabolism and burns fat can ensure that they remain in shape from a young age, and do not suffer from any weight-related chronic condition later on in life.

This is because boxing exercises burn fat, proliferate muscle tone, and improve a person’s cardiovascular health significantly.

Boxing allows you to embrace imperfections

‘’As we all know, no one is perfect in life…boxing can allow young teenagers and students to identify the right approaches towards handling life’s inevitable imperfections’’ says Jean-Pierre.

Indubitably, not every person is able to accept their flaws, and this can create significant obstacles for them in the long run and get in the way of their personal ambitions and professional goals.

Incorporating boxing in your life can allow you to embrace imperfections from a relatively young age, and consequently ‘’unlock’’ your full potential as an adult. It can also help persons to deal with low self-esteem issues, as confidence levels usually increase significantly through the infamous sport.

Embracing your imperfections and refusing to ‘’remain stagnant’’ is undoubtedly a crucial element in succeeding later on in life- a fact that boxing inadvertently tends to reinforce.

Boxing propels self-confidence

Learning new skills in life always helps boost self-confidence, but the effect of this is arguably even greater in the sphere of boxing. This is because the sport can provide students and young individuals with transferable skills that are beneficial in all areas of life.

For example, learning a variety of different boxing styles and eventually beginning to compete or spar effectively will likely increase a person’s self-confidence as they will feel more convinced that they will be able to self-defend themselves if they need to.

If they are exceptionally good, they will also be proud of the fact that they will compete for (and likely win) a plethora of different amateur titles, as well as of the fact that they will likely be able to pursue the sport professionally.

Overall, boxing tends to allow students to develop a so-called ‘’fighting spirit’’ that they can then utilize to fight their way out of a plethora of life’s challenges- whether physical or mental.

Boxing helps you find more friends

From a quality of life standpoint (and perhaps even an academic one), making friends that are like-minded and who have similar personalities can be very beneficial.

If you have ever been in a boxing gym, you will know that there is no discrimination there; politics, race, and social background are completely irrelevant. The sport of boxing demands inherent respect,  and this means that it’s a great place for finding friends in a controlled, safe environment.

Boxing gym friends can give students the necessary ‘’push’’ or drive that they need to keep going during adverse times. They can provide emotional support, and can create a healthy yet competitive setting that incentivizes young individuals to aspire to be great. This is a philosophy that is (unsurprisingly) usually transferred in all areas of life.

Boxing instills self-discipline

Boxing is a sport that inspires self-discipline; this is because- as briefly touched on above, it inherently demands respect, and it requires all competitors to have enough discipline so as to compete ‘’fairly and equally’’ with each other.

Self-discipline derived in the sphere of boxing can then be used in all areas of life- including academia, and can significantly improve student’s personalities and professional ethos.


A passion for fitness (and particularly boxing) can seem like quite a challenge if you have never been previously involved with the so-called ‘’violent chess’’.

Nevertheless, boxing has been proven to provide many benefits for young and teenage children. These can usually extend to daily life quite easily, and consequently increase the chances that these students will lead a more confident and happy life holistically.

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Story by Giuliana Speranza

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