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Jay Jones releases 2021 legislative package

Jay Jones
Jay Jones

Norfolk Democratic Del. Jay Jones has released his 2021 legislative package.

The priorities from Jones, a candidate for the Democratic Party attorney general nomination, include:

  • Creating a Civil Rights Division within the Office of the Attorney General, that would investigate wrongdoing on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, and bring focus to crimes against workers across the state.
  • Directing the Office of General Services to remove the statue of Senator Harry Byrd from Capitol Square.
  • Clarifying that firefighters, police officers, and correctional officers that are killed or impaired by COVID-19 are entitled to worker’s compensation coverage.
  • Reining in excessive overcharging at the expense of the consumer by restoring SCC discretion to allow it to review its own ratemaking functions over Virginia’s regulated energy monopolies.
  • Amending the Constitution of Virginia, to allow those incarcerated citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia to immediately be eligible to vote upon completion of their sentences or active supervision.
  • Declaring racism a public health crisis.
  • Clarifying that review hearings for juvenile offenders are not waivable by plea agreement.
  • Allowing localities to grant zoning exceptions for energy storage projects.
  • Allowing those not subject to license to conduct elevator repair and maintenance under the direct and immediate supervision of a licensed elevator mechanic.

Jones is also helping lead the charge on the abolition of the death penalty and ending qualified immunity through co-sponsorships with House colleagues.

“This past year saw the greatest public health crisis of our lifetime and tore back the blinds of deep racial divides and disparities. I’m proud, at the beginning of this new Virginia decade, to introduce much needed progressive legislation to make the Commonwealth a safer, healthier, and more equitable place for all. My bills will create a Civil Rights Division to combat racism, afford well-deserved and much needed COVID relief for our police and first responders, and protect ratepayers’ bottomline.”

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