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Its21Master causing ripples in Singapore’s rap scene – ‘That Asian rapper you’ve never heard of’

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Its21Master is excited to announce his new single track for 2021, released on the 11th of February – named ‘SUPERSTAR’.

Young Asian rap artist, Its21Master, has one objective – rapping. Born and raised in Singapore since 2004, Its21Master started his musical journey at the age of 10 when he learned how to play the Ukulele, from there he expanded in his musical interests and found the world of Hip Hop as a home, inspired by the likes of Eminem, Busta Rhymes, NF, and many more popular rap artists.

At the age of 14, he wrote his own lyrics for music he listened to on Youtube – referring to them as ‘beats’. This led Its21Master to write and record his own songs, tailoring an original brand of music under the name ‘Its21Master’. From there he produced his debut single in 2018 titled, ‘Thrown in Your Face’, which was locally and internationally recognized.

It wasn’t just ‘Thrown in Your Face’ that gained international recognition, but other tracks from Its21Master caught the rap industry’s attention, specifically due to his unique musical blend of Rap and Jazz, which can be heard in his other single, ‘Rising to the Top’. His songs are described as having an ‘energetic flow’ with ‘one-of-a-kind’ lyrics, also incorporating old school Hip Hop sounds with an ‘open-minded approach’.

Its21Master has worked with leading names in the Hip Hop industry, producers like Mantra and engineers like Beau Vallis (Grammy-nominated) and Lil Edd, who also made music for artists like DDG and Dax. Working with industry professionals like these gave Its21Master an opportunity of a lifetime.

His other single, ‘Like a God’, produced by Kontrabandz and engineered by Lil Edd was a first-time experience for Its21Master, and he states that the collaboration with these two ‘key’ people made what the song is today. ‘Like a God’ was released during the Summer of 2019, and was well received. It currently has over 54, 000 streams on Spotify, whose curators added it to the ‘Beats and Rhymes’ Hip Hop playlist. The lyrics explore issues of dealing with fake people and to keep on climbing the ladder to success.

Born as a Chinese, Its21Master has faced the difficulties that come from choosing between traditional obligations and being true to oneself. Choosing a career path over expected education is not easy, but he is led by his vision to create music and rap. His dedication puts him on par with other local rappers like Shigga Shay and THELIONCITYBOY.

Its21Master’s music is gaining momentum from fans and music critics, his tracks have had consistent positive feedback. His followers are growing on platforms like Instagram, where he wittily describes himself as ‘That Asian Rapper You’ve Never Heard Of’. Having reached over 1K followers, he shares his latest tracks and covers.

Fans can find him widely available on other social and music platforms like Spotify, where there is a verified artist under his musical name, Its21Master; Youtube where he has over 2.5K subscribers, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music where his songs can also be purchased and downloaded.

He shares various tracks on his Spotify profile, along with his most popular track, ‘Like a God’, fans can also listen to his track ‘Little Things’, with over 19,000 streams thus far, and Supersize, with over 40,000 streams. Other tracks include ‘Come Over’ and ‘Think About it’, among others.

His latest single ‘SUPERSTAR’ was released on 11 February and is available to listen to on all his media platforms. ‘Superstar’ is steadily gaining traction as a new single. It’s a catchy yet melodic track where Its21Master shares his journey as a rap artist through his lyrics. Anyone who loves artists like Lil Wayne and Young Dolph will enjoy this new single as it touches on modern rap within the Hip Hop culture.

Also going by the name ‘21’, he is steadily stoking the flames of the Asian music scene. From a young age, Its21Master has always found himself between two worlds, music and tradition, but this young musician is crafting his own path, inspiring other young musicians to do the same. In Its21Master’s words: ‘I just want to rap’.

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