It’s the opportune time to expand your business

expand your businessAfter years of climbing up the ranks, a business creating chemicals for the construction industry can find that its influence in the market is hitting a plateau. While they aren’t witnessing any major losses, they don’t seem to be making any noticeable gains either. It’s possible that growth has slowed because they have tapped into the needs of construction and adjacent industries, and they have no other demographics to draw in. If you are a part of a business like this, you can deal with this tricky situation by expanding your business to another country.

Expanding to different locations across the globe is an incredibly expensive and laborious task. It is also a risky investment that could be a devastating blow to the business if this plan backfires. Instead of building a new base and hiring more employees, producers of construction chemicals can partner up with a distributor that is already established in another country.

For instance, the company CCC Chemicals is one of the largest distributors in Canada and in North America. They have decades of experience providing raw materials and innovative chemical solutions for the construction industry. They serve relevant markets like adhesives, mastics, caulks, sealants, mortars, roofing and concrete — these could be looking for your unique products to add into formulations and improve results.

If you aren’t sure whether partnering with this seasoned distributor will be beneficial for you, see how they work with leading chemical companies to stimulate growth and bring them greater success — the way they assist these other partners gives you an idea of exactly how they will enhance your own business.

One of their long-time partners is the producer of epoxy specialty resins, curing agents and modifiers, Hexion Inc. — they named CCC Chemicals the official winner of their distributor of the year award in 2016 because the company helped them reach their ambitious sales goals and provided excellent customer service at the same time.

Another example of a satisfied partner is the innovative manufacturer Dow Coating Materials — they decided to give their dedicated distributor a Dow Industrial Solutions Growth Award for their extensive services in 2017. Clearly, other chemical supply companies have found that their business has hit impressive milestones and soared to new heights after becoming a partner.

It’s the perfect time for you to make this change because the construction industry is seeing a boost after a stretch of poor economic conditions. According to key trend reports, Canadian construction opportunities are believed to see significant improvements in the next few years — the market analysis predicts that this upswing willhappen from now until 2021 to public infrastructure, energy projects and deals in the private sector. You could look at this exciting news as a sign that it’s the right time to seekout a reliable distributor.

There is no need to panic if you see that your sales reports have plateaued for the time being. When you have become a leading supplier in your own region, the next step is to please customers somewhere else.

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