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Items you shouldn’t vendor while leveling in Classic WoW

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Hordes of gamers have been flocking back to World of Warcraft to play Classic WoW. For the first time in over a decade, players can now experience Azeroth as it was during Vanilla WoW and level a character through a familiar but decidedly different world. It’s been such a long time since players have experienced Azeroth in this state, that it’s easy to forget which items you should vendor, and which items have a secret value and should be held on to. Here we’ll tell you which items you shouldn’t vendor in classic WoW.

On your journey to level 60, you’ll come across troves of vendor trash. You’ll also come across items that aren’t technically vendor trash, but the weak economy means it’s more profitable to sell them to a vendor. Items in this category include materials like light leather and undesirable Green items.

Vendoring as many items as possible is recommended on your first run-through. This is especially true when the game is relatively new and the economy is flooded with low-level items. As you approach the higher levels, you’ll find yourself in desperate need of Classic WoW Gold (WOWC Gold). Even something as simple as obtaining your first mount will set you back 95g if you have the required reputation level. That 95g becomes 100g if you don’t. What is a tiny amount of Gold in Retail World of Warcraft is a huge one in Classic. With that in mind, here are the items you shouldn’t vendor even if they seem useless at first glance. What may seem useless can actually net you a decent amount of Gold if you hang onto it.

Wicked Claw

Wicked Claw is an item that is dropped by 200 beast mobs across the world and is a required reagent for two armor pieces. Wicked Claw is needed to make Lionheart Helm, a level 56 epic plate headpiece. It is also needed to make Wolfshead Helm, a level 40 rare Druid headpiece. Lionheart Helm is the best-in-slot for Fury Warriors through Naxxramas, and Wolfhead Helm is the best-in-slot for Feral Druids.

Because Wicked Claw is a white item, many players will simply vendor it, thinking it doesn’t have much value. However, these recipes are highly sought after by higher level players, and plenty of Wicked Claws are needed to make them. In the case of Lionheart Helm, you need 40 Wicked Claws to make the item. This means there will be lots of players looking to buy Wicked Claws because they don’t want to farm for them themselves.

Small Egg

Small Egg items are dropped by 83 bird and Moonkin mobs dotted around all the starting areas. The level of these mobs is level 5 on the lower end and level 19 on the higher end. You’ve probably looted some Small Eggs in the lower levels and since vendored them because they sell for essentially nothing on the Auction House. Well, they sell for nothing right now, but they will sell for a lot around Christmas.

During December, the Winter Veil event is held. Unique recipes cooking recipes for Egg Nogg, Gingerbread Cookie, and Herb Baked Egg, are available during this event, and guess what you need to make these? That’s right – Small Eggs! During this event, Small Egg will be selling for a decent price on the Auction House since many higher-level players won’t want to go to low-level zones to farm. You don’t want to keep these eggs in your bags where they take up precious space. This is why you should create a banking alt character.

Large Fang

Here we have another white item that you’ve probably seen clogging up your bag through the leveling process. Large Fangs drop from mobs throughout the world and vendor for a very low price. You might have seen them taking up space in your bag and decided to throw them away because they seem cheap and useless, but that is a mistake. Large Fang is a reagent for 8 recipes including the Barbaric Set and the weapon enchant, Lesser Beastslayer. Most importantly, Large Fang is used to make Great Rage Potion and Mighty Rage Potion. These potions are used by Warriors in raids to boost their rage and are highly sought after.

Vibrant Plumes

This is another item that may seem fairly useless but becomes very valuable during an in-game event. This time the event is Darkmoon Faire. You need 5 Vibrant Plumes to get 12 Darkmoon Faire Tickets, so these items will be in high demand when the faire comes to Azeroth. Vibrant Plumes drop from 35 Humanoid and Beast mobs ranging from level 28 to level 50.

Spider Silk

Spider Silk drops from spider mobs at all level ranges, and there are different types of it. You can get Webwood Spider Silk and Pristine Spider Silk from low-level Spiders, Spider’s Silk and Thick Spider’s Silk from mid-level spiders, and Ironweb Spider Silk from high-level spiders. Keep hold of these or sell them on the Auction House! Spider Silk is used in tons of recipes ranging from epic raid gear to bags, and engineering items.

Fused Wiring

Fused Wiring is used as a reagent for 8 highly sought-after engineering items including Gnomish Cloaking Device, Goblin Jumper Cables, and Alarm-O-Bot. However, Fused Wiring only drops from 10 mechanical mobs in the World, with the highest drop rate being from Peacekeeper Security Suit mobs in Gnomeregan, at 64%. Some of the other drop rates are shockingly low. This means Fused Wiring is pretty rare and can sell for a decent amount of WoW Classic Gold on the Auction House.


Elemental Earth, Elemental Fire, Elemental Water, and Elemental Air drop from Elemental mobs out in the world and are useful reagents for potions. Elemental Fire is an essential reagent for Greater Fire Protection Potion, and you need one per potion. This potion is considered integral to raid progression in Onyxia, Molton Core, and Blackwing Lair.

Story by Mike Modestas

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