Is your girlfriend’s online profile real or fake? Here is how to find out

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Thanks to technology, we have social media platforms where we can interact, share ideas, and post about ourselves. However, not everything that you see on someone’s online profile is true, especially on dating platforms. Anyone could pretend to be someone else online, and someone could go as far as pretending to be a celebrity or even just slightly exaggerate their profile information.

Most relationships of today are based on apps that link people together. On these apps, people share their online platforms with their partners so that they can get to know each other better. Most people post about themselves, what they enjoy, and what they are initially doing. However, most girlfriends tend to post fake information about themselves. Therefore, it makes it hard for the other partner to know more about them. Below is how to find out if your girlfriend’s online profile is fake.

Profile Photo

Photos say everything about a person. Real online dating profiles have at least one photo, but most may have the option of adding more photos. Hence, your girlfriend could decide to add fake photos to entice you into false beliefs.

You should be on the lookout of suspicious profiles with photos that look unrealistic. You could try to relate the photos with the accent of your girlfriend. Sometimes, it is easy to know that she is not real if she uses photos of celebrities.

Friends List

The list of friends will show you if her profile is real. A fake person will not have a lot of friends on her list. You can check, just try and go through the list of her friends to know what kind of a person she is. Try to find out if you have mutual friends.

If yes, this shows that her profile is real, but if there is none, then there is a high probability that she is faking it. A large number of followers may mean that she is using some sort of scam networks or is paying them. According to experts at Happy Matches, a website that helps people to meet or look for a perfect partner in all categories of dating, these are big red flags that she is either a ‘wannabe’ or is trying to confuse you.

Look for Other Red Flags

There are many other things that can tell you whether your girlfriend’s online profile is real or fake. Be on the lookout for things like contradicting information, activities that do not add up, or anything else.

The danger of dating a girlfriend is real since she could be doing this to others. Such people are often online scammers. Furthermore, it would not be a surprise to find that this person is not even a girl.


Ultimately, it is important to request your girlfriend to meet if you have only met online. Plan your first date in a public place, especially if you have been suspicious throughout. After all, this is the best way to learn a few things about her and not just her online profile.

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