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Is online sports betting legal in Virginia?

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In the past year, sports betting has seen a drastic increase in the United States of America. UK betting sites that operate in the States have seen a massive increase in attendance from American citizens, and a drastic surge in revenue. In 2020, for example, companies have reported a near-30% increase in income from online gambling and betting.

The reason that online betting is seeing a huge increase now has to do with a number of factors. The most obvious one is the lockdown in 2020, which introduced many people to the world of online gambling. However, if online betting sites couldn’t stand on their own two legs, they wouldn’t have progressed past the lockdown. Instead, they have continued to thrive and stay relevant for 2 years now.

The benefits of online gambling and betting

So, what are the reasons for this? The biggest reason for the popularity of online betting and gambling websites is the ease-of-use and accessibility that they offer their user base. Land-based sportsbooks have to be attended in person, taking up a good chunk of time. Sports betting sites, on the other hand, can be accessed from most electronic devices, including a smartphone, which a majority of people possess now.

The United States have always had a tenuous relationship with gambling and betting, however. The legality of sports betting is handled on a state level. So, let us answer the question: “Is Online Betting Legal in Virginia?”

The legality of sports betting in the U.S.

Sports betting in Virginia is, indeed legal. In fact, it is legal in most of the east coast, and a good portion of states on the west coast. As of 2022, over half of the states in the US have completely legalized betting, and a good portion of said states have also opened up to the idea of online gambling and sports betting. In Nebraska, Florida and Wisconsin, sports betting is in the process of being legalized, and it is expected that residents of the aforementioned states will be allowed to bet very soon.

Other than the states where it is legal, and where it is pending, the remaining states have no strict laws or regulations one way or the other. The sole two exceptions are Massachusetts and Ohio, where gambling is illegal, offline or online, and state laws have active legislations prohibiting the practice.

The future of sports betting in the U.S.

Four years ago, in 2018, the American Supreme court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sport Protection Act, which had been a thorn in the side of American punters since the late 20th century. To be clear, by overruling the law, the Supreme Court did not deem sports betting legal. The act did, however, plant a seed for a complete legalization of the activity in the future.

Considering that the states where sports betting and online gambling are legal and accepted have shown to turn quite a profit from the activity, many experts, both financial and legal, are expecting that more and more states around the country will start to accept the practice, and soon enough, it will become fully legal around the country.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it seems that most Americans nowadays prefer to be able to place a bet or play their favorite gambling game on the go, whether that be at a coffee shop, restaurant or on the subway on their way to work. Most states are beginning to recognize the benefits of online gambling and betting, and are taking action to respond in the way they think is right. It seems that online betting will become ever more prominent around the US in the near future, which should make a lot of punters happy.

Story by Luke Windsor

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