Is it possible to win real money using casino bonuses?

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People turn to online gambling for a variety of reasons. It may be to take a shot at a payout or to blow off some steam, but many players are frequenting online casinos. The only thing increasing at a faster rate is the number of new online casinos themselves. So there’s a mad frenzy for new customers going on right now. Casinos have resorted to pushing out freebies. Players can now get very generous bonuses in exchange for signing up. So how do you make the most of this situation, how do you get the most out of casino bonuses?

Look for no deposit offers

Always seek a no deposit bonus. In this type of bonus, you’ll be awarded the opportunity to play on the casino’s dime. You do not have to put up any of your money. Not having to deposit is important for a couple of reasons. For a start, it frees up your money for other purposes. But the real reason you would want a no deposit bonus is that some casinos require players to wager the deposit plus bonus amount. A big deposit would then increase the amount of money that you’ll need to wager to get a payout.

Choosing the right casino

Before you get to the actual bonus, you need to make sure that the casino which is offering the bonus is above board. Now we are not asking you to do anything crazy here. Just a quick look at the operator and trusted, online player reviews will suffice. You’ll usually get the best bonus offers in new online casinos. When casinos are still new, they have more to prove and tend to bend more, trying to impress new customers. To get the most, you need to know how to search the web to find new casinos and exclusive offers which come out daily. A suitable website for this research is which provides reviews and collects the best deals on the online casino market.

Wagering Requirements

You need to be fully aware of the wagering requirements imposed on your bonus. Wagering obligations spell out the number of times you’ll have to roll over your bonus for any winnings to be converted to cash. Some wagering requirements are tough to complete. You’d have a better chance just going at it alone. Another feature of your bonus that you need to be aware of is the withdrawal limit. How much are you allowed to take out, in total? Once you have got these figures down, you must then pick the right games.

The house edge

Make sure you pick a game with a low house edge, the lower the better. A house edge is an advantage that the casino has over you. Many players enjoy games like Blackjack because they have very low house edges. The house edge will come in handy when you are calculating the amount of money you expect to lose.

Do the math

Now, to get the most out of any casino bonus, you have to think like a casino. Nothing in an online casino is cast in stone; it’s all probability. You have to do the math and figure out if you stand a chance or not. Let’s look at an example so that you can see what we mean. Say you got a $20 no deposit bonus when you signed up. You used your bonus as any player would, and were lucky enough to win some money. But you can only take out a $20 maximum. Now, remember it’s still bonus funds you need to meet the wagering requirements first before you can cash out.

The casino has placed an 8x wagering requirement on the bonus. This means you’ll have to play through $160. If you are going to be playing a slot game with a house edge of 5%, it means you expect to lose $8. So, for a potential loss of $8, you stand to gain $20. These are good odds but remember we calculated assuming an expected value. In gambling, it can go either way. Knowledge of this simple calculation will give you a more objective view of any offer that you may come across.

Now there is no fool-proof method that will guarantee profits every time in an online casino. Anyone who tells you any different is just trying to take you for a ride. What you can be sure of is that there is no better way you can use to win real money.

Story by Patrick Duffy

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