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Is it legal to bet online?

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The United States of America is a diverse country. That’s why it’s probably not a surprise that some states allow online betting, whereas others don’t. Currently, if you live in Utah or Hawaii, you won’t be able to participate in any form of gambling activities.

However, every other state allows people to try their luck on some things. One of those states is Nevada, the “Mecca of casinos ”. In case you didn’t know, this state is home to Las Vegas, one of the world’s most famous cities.

While it’s true that land-based casinos are thriving there, the situation with the online betting websites is slightly different. That’s why we’d like to point out a few things that you need to be aware of before you decide to bet online in Nevada.

It is legal, but be careful

Some of you might not know, but Nevada became the first state that legalized online betting. However, the government only allowed its residents to play online poker, which probably won’t change anytime soon.

One of the problems that the state had to deal with was that some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas didn’t support the decision to allow online poker. According to them, this might have a negative effect on their business.

However, in other states, such as New Jersey, online betting positively affects physical casinos. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because once people try something online, they also want to visit a land-based casino and see if there are any differences.

Even though playing online poker is allowed, the websites that provide this service have to partner with one of the many land-based casinos within the state. By doing this, the Gaming Control Board can regulate their activity.

If a given betting operator wants to provide its products to people who live in Nevada, it has to be registered there. In other words, the state does not allow the so-called “offshore” companies to accept bets from Nevada residents.

Sports betting in the state

If you live in Nevada and you want to bet on sports, you should be able to do that. Many sportsbooks for the USA can also be found here, and each one has something unique to offer. Interestingly, mobile betting on sports started somewhere in 2010, which means that there are loads of good options out there.

Besides the most popular sports in the U.S. that people love to bet on, most bookies also offer many other options that are usually trendy in Europe.


If we have to sum up everything we’ve said, we think that Nevada is one of the states where you won’t have trouble if you decide to bet online. Even though you can go to one of the many world-class casinos in Las Vegas, the fact that you can stay home or bet on the go allows you to do all kinds of things. Therefore, we believe that online betting will continue to grow in popularity.

Story by Alex Jones

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