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Is eSports a real sport?

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As gaming becomes more popular across the world, so too does the world of eSports continue to gather more traction and followers. The whole industry is now worth just over $1 billion as competitive gamers from across the entire globe are taking to their screens in order to practice and become the best that there is. Even if they don’t achieve this, there is still massive appeal in watching eSports if you are a fan of a particular game. People even enjoy betting on eSports.

Of course, what would a popular new movement be without controversy? As eSports gets more and more followers, there are people who denounce it and state that it is not in fact a real sport. This article is going to discuss such a statement in a bit more detail as we explore whether or not it is fair for people to consider eSports a real sport.

Do you want to bet on eSports?

regardless of whether you think it’s a sport or not, there is still the opportunity to bet on eSports that can make watching it a lot more fun, as you give yourself more of a vested interest in the outcome. There are a number of different websites that you can use if you are interested in beginning to bet on eSports and these include (but are not limited to) the likes of Thunderpick. This is a great site with a varying amount of betting options so it is well worth placing a bet on esports bitcoin at thunderpick if you are interested in giving it a try.

Is sport being redefined by eSports?

It seems that whether people like it or not, the concept of sport is being redefined by the digital culture that we currently find ourselves in. eSports, similar to all other forms of sport, is made up of a competitive and tournament-led style of game—the difference is that the games are played online as opposed to physically. They still draw in crowds as mass amounts of spectators are interested in getting involved, which in turn draws interest from large sponsors, too.

All of the thrills and benefits that come with a popular sport are being experienced by those who get involved with eSports and as such, despite there not being a physical element present, it is unfair to simply sit back and say that eSports is not a real sport. The people who play also dedicate a significant amount of time to homing in on their talents, as practicing hard enough to become a professional is a full-time job.


The world of gaming continues to become a lot more popular and with it, the ways that games are played and consumed also evolve. This can clearly be seen in the development of eSports and how many people love to get involved in them. There are a lot of people who are reluctant to refer to eSports as a real sport—but this view is misguided and unfair. The above points discuss in more detail why eSports is a real sport and how it is redefining what the term means.

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