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Is cord cutting really a good idea?

cord cutting
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With a lot of online streaming services, now is the best time to cut the cable cord. As an alternative of paying $100 per month or even higher for channel bundles, you had better use streaming TV services instead.

Going over new options is not always as easy as it seems, more than ever if you are not knowledgeable when it comes to technology. Although cable TV made all things seem simple, cutting the cord needs picking and choosing from a lot of different hardware selections plus a lot of online video services. And the downside is that not all of them are well-matched for one another. Not only has that – including an over-the-air TV antenna to the assortment made the likelihood of further headache more possible.

What are the basics of cord cutting? Let’s tackle them below.

  • Internet service provider

To completely cut the cord, you will certainly need an Internet service provider at home, plus a Wi-Fi router. This is for the purpose of your online streaming devices being able to go online from anywhere in the house. Keep in mind that home Internet speeds must be at least 15MBPS so that each device can run smoothly all at the same time. That is to say, if you plan to have three TVs playing all at once, you ought to have an ideal home Internet speed of at least 45MBPS. But then again, that speed is difficult to achieve with DSL or satellite service. That is why you may possibly have to stick with your cable provider for broadband service. That is unless, of course, if you are lucky enough to have access to fiber connection.

  • Streaming service providers

If you plan on ditching your TV service and having it replaced, you will need to subscribe to at least one or more online video streaming services. These services can consist of on-demand online video services, like Netflix or a package of live TV channels, like YouTube TV. Aside from those, there are also a lot of free sources of streaming online videos.

  • Your online streaming devices

Upon subscribing to a few online video streaming services, you will have access to them by downloading their apps on a streaming device, which can be plugged into your TV’s HDMI port and then connected to the Internet through your WiFi network. If you own a smart TV, you can use that in lieu of a separate online video streaming device. But then again, that is only possible if and only if your smart TV has every app and service that you want. Again, you do not need a smart TV for you to be able to finally cut the cord.

  • TVs should have their way to stream

That is whether you are streaming through a smart TV or a streaming device. If you have a lot of TVs, yet only two of them have an up-to-date smart TV software, you will have to purchase additional streaming devices.

To Cut the Cord or Not

  • For shelling out more or less $50 a month for TV service 

Majority of live video streaming services charge $40 to $45 a month. That is why cord cutting may not possibly save you a lot of money if your TV provider is still providing you with a great deal.

  • You already have home Internet service provider 

If you are paying for Internet service, and you always use it, cord-cutting will undoubtedly make financial sense. On the other hand, availing a home Internet service just so you could cut cable TV will only be a waste of money.

  • You are tired of cable and want something new

Cord cutting is not all about saving money. It is also an alternative approach to view fewer ads, to be able to set up TV anywhere in your house, and to escape bargaining for lower rates.

Are you not reluctant to be flexible? In spite of the number of its benefits, cord-cutting must not be thought of as the perfect and as an instant solution that will provide you with the exact same experience that the best satellite TV gives at a lower cost. Actually, you ought to be at ease using new technology or new apps. In addition to that, keeping all the channels you had with cable connection may possibly keep a tight rein on your ability to save cash. Keep in mind that the more you are willing to become accustomed, the better your familiarity and know-how will be.

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