Is bingo online a ladies’ game?

By Ben Stevenson

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Online bingo is traditionally one of the most famous games in the UK thanks to his social aspect of playing this game in large groups. The main purpose of the game is to mark off the numbers on the card and then complete the line or the entire house to get awards. In order to play it, players had to deliver demographic information. In return, they will get targeted ads depending on the delivered demographics. By playing bingo online, players can also use elective functions that make the game easier to play.  It is a game that does not need expertise or any other particular skill.  All players just have bingo cards, numbers, callers, and many players can participate in the game. When you are playing it online, you must have a device with good internet connectivity. Bingo sites seeks to stand-in communication between the community and players because it supports the social aspect of this game.

Who played bingo online more?

Playing bingo online is more popular with women than men. According to YouGov survey 62% of bingo players are women, and 38% are men.

According to the March 30, 2020, online bingo report:

  • 78% of players play at least one time in a week.
  • About 80% of online bingo players are between the ages of 35-64.
  • 72% of online bingo players play on two or more different websites.
  • 27% of online bingo players credit up to £50 pounds in a month.

2020 WhichBingo Report

Preferred Devices

Year Mobile Tablet
2019 36.5%, 10%
2018 27% 6%

Why Bingo online is a ladies game?

  • Women are considered to be more social than men. It is also true that women love to interact with each other. Bingo games keep women involved. They make new friends and more chances for social interactions.
  • Men find it a boring activity to play a board game. Women frequently prefer playing bingo online to ease mental stress or to simply relax their minds while having some fun.
  • Studies show that women at home prefer to play online and start to pick up the game during their free time, which is a great outlet for keeping themselves busy while getting social and financial satisfaction.
  • A prominent function of playing bingo online is the chat functionality, which is much used by women. Women remain logged in and share anything among themselves, even recipes. The chat function connect people beyond the game itself.
  • It is also becoming a trend for most of the women who stay at home to enjoy themselves while playing online.
  • Money is a means of encouragement to anyone. Which can be found in the game easily, the source of encouragement is to present continuous upgrades and bonuses this game has got it all. But at the same time without risking to overspend since the game when it is not the free version, runs on very low betting numbers.

This trend is not limited to the UK although there this game is going very strong. But in the Usa as well. With more women around the world joining in the fun.

Ben Stevenson is the co-founder of London On The Inside, London’s biggest independent lifestyle website.

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