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Internet not working? Do this before you call the ISP

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With more and more entertainment taking place online through video-streaming services and online gaming platforms, it is important to have a strong internet connection. If you are noticing that your internet service is dragging, you should consider doing a speed test before contacting your internet service provider (ISP).  If your internet is not working, you should check these items before calling your ISP.

Try Another Website or Device

If you notice you have a problem connecting to the internet on your computer, check other devices, like a  tablet, to see if it has issues connecting. If other devices are connecting to the internet, then you can narrow down what the problem is to that particular device. When you are testing other devices, make sure the Wi-Fi is enabled. Also, check the settings on your network adapter to make sure that the adapter is using the correct gateway address.

Along with trying other devices, try different websites. If your computer is loading other websites, then it is probably a problem with the website you are trying to visit, and you will have to wait until it is fixed on their end.

Scan for Viruses

The connection of your internet can be affected by a virus or malicious code on your computer. If you are having problems with your connection, you should run a scan for spyware, viruses, or malware. All of these things can significantly impact your internet, web surfing speed, and overall system performance.

Check Your Internet Plan

If your internet is connected, but it is running or loading slower than usual, do a speed test. The speed test will reveal a megabit per second number that signifies the speed your computer is experiencing. Once you’ve completed the speed test,  visit your internet service providers website, and check your bill. Compare to make sure that you are receiving the correct speeds that you are paying for. If the speed test is showing a slower speed, then what you are paying for, you have a problem and should continue doing troubleshooting to figure out what it is.

Bypass Your DNS

When you type a website you want to visit into your browser, your computer will look up the IP address by using a DNS server. Sometimes these servers might have problems internally that make it challenging to visit their site by using their domain names. If the Wi-FI light isn’t lit on your router or modem, you will need to press the Wi-Fi button on the side to re-enable Wi-Fi settings.

Clear Your Settings

If you have rebooted your router and still are not able to connect to the internet, then maybe something in your settings is causing the problem. Reset your router to its factory default settings. The reset is typically a small button at the rear of the router, and to reset you need to hold it down for several seconds. Once the router has been reset, you can log in and set it up.

Consider Upgrading to a Faster Router

If you are using an older router, it might be time to consider upgrading to a newer model, especially if you have numerous computers, smartphones, or other devices that require the bandwidth. Newer routers utilize the latest technologies to deliver fast service with enhanced Wi-Fi range.

Final Thoughts

After trying everything on the list, and you are still experiencing issues with connecting to your internet, you will need to contact your internet service provider. If you’ve tried everything and there are still issues, then the problem could be at the end of your internet service provider, which could mean you require a new connection at the pole coming into your home. It also might be that your equipment needs to be switched out and upgraded.

If the slowdowns in your internet are happening at certain times of day, such as after work hours, it could be that your ISP is not able to handle to increasing user load. If this happens continuously, you might need to find a new service provider that can deliver the internet connection you need.

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