Instant gratification: 5 ways your business can satisfy modern consumers

businessOne could make an argument that capitalism has never been stronger than it is right now. For hundreds of years entrepreneurs have been raising the bar and releasing better, more exciting, and more technologically advanced products. However, due to the unchecked success of the free market, consumers have higher expectations now than ever before. Indeed, customers want new and improved service –– and often –– they want it right away. This presents a problem for many business owners: namely, how to interact with and satisfy customers in the era of instant gratification? Fortunately, we’re here to address that very question. Here are five tips you can use to improve your business:

Cover the Basics

Before you can start looking for innovative ways to bolster your company’s customer-service department, you have to begin with the basics. Installing hardware like a POS system at your retail location or partnering with a third-party logistics company to facilitate deliveries are basic –– yet critical –– steps new businesses should take to improve the customer experience. (Note, look for industry-specific solutions when purchasing tech upgrades; a pharmacy point of sale system is going to vary a good deal from a POS designed for restaurants and bars.)

Respond in Real Time

When a customer reaches out to your business on social media or on your website, you need to be prepared to respond to them immediately. If your business is large enough, you may be able to assign a team to handle customer questions and concerns online. Or, you could consider constructing a few simple chatbots to handle FAQs and common issues. Contrary to popular belief, customers don’t mind interacting with bots if they are well-programmed and helpful.

Add a Personal Touch

Though automation is an exciting new avenue for businesses to explore, nothing will ever replace the personal touch of human interaction. With this in mind, business owners should take time out to construct unique messages or videos for as many customers as possible. If you want to demonstrate that you value your clientele, you have to show it through your actions.


No one likes to face criticism. Still, entrepreneurs who are intent on building a customer-centric business model need to take consumer feedback seriously. No matter how passionate you are about your product or service, the customer’s opinion should trump all else.

Make it Easy

No matter what you do, you should always strive to eliminate any friction in the sales process. Making your leads jump through hoops to get access to a content offer or to access your e-commerce store will irritate them and you’ll likely miss out on sales as a result. The more transparent and accessible your business is, the better.

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