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Instagram hashtags in 2020: Are they still relevant?

instagramWe all make new years resolutions at the beginning of them, but find ourselves giving up shortly afterward. They’re easy to make, but not easy to keep. If you’ve got any new year’s resolutions that you plan on making around your online brand growth, however, you may want to see how far you can get. If 2019 was a big year for you, 2020 is going to be even bigger. There are more ways now than ever before to grow your brand online, and they’re worth making the most of. Let’s talk about Instagram hashtags – why they’re still relevant, and how you can use them to your advantage.

What’s the Big Deal with Hashtags?

So, what are hashtags, and why are they such a big deal? You can think of hashtags as topics. They are keywords that can be used with your content to organize it, and help people out there on social media know what categories your brand falls into. This means that if someone searches a hashtag that you’re using on your content, your posts will appear, and they will have the option of viewing them.

Naturally, you can connect the dots and see that using hashtags on your content is going to help you connect your business with the people that matter. With this in mind, how important do you think they are to your brand overall? Well, with the ever-changing algorithms of social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, let’s paint a picture of how your brand does without them. It’s estimated that 70% of the content you upload on websites like this goes unseen if you don’t use hashtags. This is a huge amount of content you’re creating for nothing.

Why You Need a Hashtag Strategy

As you can see, hashtags are pretty integral to the growth of your brand online through channels like Instagram and Twitter. With 1 billion people using Instagram every month, it’s pretty clear that this is the platform to be on to get your brand noticed. This is one of many reasons why you need a hashtag strategy, and it needs to be good enough to help your content stand out and be seen.

There are two main ways to come up with an effective hashtag strategy – either you can do it yourself by committing hours of your time to research, or you can bring in the experts to help you. There are some reputable companies out there that now offer hashtag search engines, where you can get exclusive data and analytics around all of your favorite hashtags. This means that you can search the hashtags that you already use, and work out if they’re doing your brand a favor or not. This type of approach could mean the difference between success and failure in an industry that is one of the most competitive right now.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty clear at this point that Instagram hashtags are still relevant – in fact, they’re a vital part of anyone’s growth on this popular visual social media platform. They may have started on Twitter, but they quickly spread to become the lifeblood of Instagram, too, which is why you can now find them everywhere you look out there. With 2020 fast approaching, we think that one of the best new years resolutions you could make for your brand is to perfect your hashtag strategy. This will give you a fighting chance of growing your brand to new heights in the new year.

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