Inspiring ideas to create a relaxing backyard oasis

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The noise and demands of the outside world mean that finding a place to relax these days isn’t always easy. Especially in 2020, the backyard is the ultimate oasis. It provides private place to read, take a nap, entertain friends, and take a physical and/or mental break.

However, it takes some work and creative thinking to turn the backyard into an ideal relaxation spot. Below are several ideas on how to do just that.

What Could Be More Relaxing Than a Hammock?

Anyone with two trees and some strong rope can easily install a hammock in their backyard. Lying down in the sun to listen to music, read, or catch a quick nap may be about the most relaxing thing homeowners can do.

There are also many other ways to install a hammock besides the traditional way of tying it between two trees. Examples include freestanding models that sit on the ground and a hammock that hang from the inner structure of a gazebo. Where the hammock lies is not nearly as important as the ability for people to relax in nature right in their own backyard.

Kick Back in an Adirondack Chair

The Adirondack chair is an All-American classic, easily recognizable by its wood construction and tall back. Manufacturers can choose from several types of wood when creating these chairs, which people use most often in casual outdoor settings.

Adirondack chairs come in a variety of colors as well. It takes three to six slats of wood to make the tall back of the chairs. While some manufacturers may substitute genuine wood with plywood or plastic, these types of Adirondack chairs are not likely to hold up to constant sun exposure and other weather conditions.

Put in a Water Feature

Watching the flow of water can help bring a sense of calmness to an otherwise stressful day. Homeowners have many options for water features, including a fountain, garden pond, and Koi pond. Bird lovers can put in a bird bath and enjoy watching their feathered friends frolic in the water.

Of course, installing a swimming pool or a hot tub may be the best way of all for homeowners to relax in the backyard on the weekends or after long days at work during the week.

Natural Landscaping

Choosing plants native to the area that blend in well with the trees and other foliage in a backyard offers a beautiful and natural setting for people to relax at home. It is important for homeowners to do their research to ensure that the plants they choose grow well in their typical climate.

Adding new trees, vines, shrubs, and millennials can also highlight the landscape for even greater relaxation as people enjoy the benefits of nature from their own home.

Add a Backyard Firepit

While both fire and water can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances, many people find them mesmerizing when they’re trying to relax. When people go camping, for example, they often end their day by sitting around a campfire enjoying the company of family and friends while also roasting marshmallows or telling stories.

Installing a firepit in the backyard allows homeowners to enjoy the camp experience anytime they would like. People should be certain to enclose the fire in a large pit and to not place it next to any foliage or kindling that could catch fire and burn the backyard.

Plants & Flowers That Give Off a Pleasant Fragrance

The ability to experience one or more of the five senses without interruption can be especially relaxing. This applies to the sense of smell just as much as sight, hearing, taste, and touch.

Certain types of flowers, such as chrysanthemums, lilacs, and lilies, have a strong and calming fragrance, especially later in the day. The timing of the fragrance release can be ideal for those who choose to eat dinner or just relax outdoors in the early evening.

Improve Overall Ambiance with Certain Types of Lighting

Installing string lights is one of the simplest ways to create a more relaxing atmosphere in the backyard. Proper lighting is also an important safety feature. Other types of lighting can work well like a kerosene lamp or a tall patio lamp that stands independently. Remember that any type of live flame requires close supervision, particularly around children.

Sometimes sitting in the backyard can be more relaxing than a beach vacation for those without a lot of time or money to spare. Implementing one or more of these ideas can make a staycation just as satisfying and memorable as traveling far from home.

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