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Chris Graham: Inside Virginia Football’s top NFL prospects

uva footballVirginia Football is hosting its annual Pro Day on Wednesday, and no, you can’t attend, and actually, neither can I.

We’re not quite out of the woods with COVID-19 yet.

Anyway, the folks over in media relations sent us a list of those who will be participating.

Thought it would be helpful to share their Pro Football Focus grades and some vitals in terms of their recent UVA and NFL stats.


Safety D’Angelo Amos (2020)

  • PFF Grade 2020: 49.2
  • Vitals: Had 38 tackles, 17-of-33 (51.5%) for 262 yards and two TDs in 317 coverage snaps, two INTs, three PBUs in 2020 at UVA.
  • Outlook: The PFF grade is low-w-w-w. Still, Amos gets a lot of love from the draftniks for his athleticism. Could be a Day 3 pick.

Safety Quin Blanding (2017)

  • PFF Grade 2017: 84.3
  • Vitals: Seven tackles and two PBUs for Carolina in the 2019 preseason; eight tackles for Washington in the 2018 preseason.
  • Outlook: Solid in run defense, but questions about his ability to help in pass coverage have dogged him.

Wideout Dejon Brissett (2019)

  • PFF Grade 2019: 50.6
  • Vitals: Selected in the first round of the 2020 CFL Draft, but COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the 2020 CFL season.
  • Outlook: Borderline NFL prospect. Could get a look in an NFL camp.

Placekicker Brian Delaney (2020)

  • PFF Grade 2020: 68.1
  • Vitals: 35-of-36 on extra points, 10-of-13 on field goal tries, with all three misses between 30-39 yards.
  • Outlook: Kickers don’t get drafted. Will have a chance to make a team or teams in camp.

Wideout Hasise Dubois (2019)

  • PFF Grade 2019: 78.5
  • Vitals: Had 75 catches on 102 targets (zero drops) for 1,062 yards and six TDs on 515 pass snaps in 2019. Had a 60 percent contested catch percentage (18-of-30).
  • Outlook: Not sure how he didn’t get a job last year. Probably a casualty of the weird COVID-19 issues ahead of last year’s draft. Will get a look in an NFL camp this summer.

Wideout Terrell Jana (2020)

  • PFF Grade 2020: 62.7
  • Vitals: Had 36 catches on 64 targets (four drops) for 423 yards and one TD on 356 pass snaps in 2020. Mostly lined up in the slot (68.0 percent of pass snaps).
  • Outlook: Smallish, without blazing speed. Good route-runner, tough inside. Day 3 or undrafted free agent.

Outside linebacker Chris Peace (2018)

  • PFF Grade 2018: 74.5
  • Vitals: Appeared in one game with the Los Angeles Chargers and four games with the New York Giants in 2019.
  • Outlook: 2020 screwed him in terms of the limited opportunities to catch on as a free agent.

Tight end Tony Poljan (2020)

  • PFF Grade 2020: 71.0
  • Vitals: Had 38 catches on 61 targets (four drops) for 411 yards and six TDs on 353 pass snaps in 2020. Just two catches on 14 contested targets.
  • Outlook: Big (6’7″, 260), but the drops and the awful numbers on contested targets are question marks. Late Day 3 or undrafted free agent.

Tailback Shane Simpson (2020)

  • PFF Grade 2020: 67.0
  • Vitals: Had 278 yards on 54 carries (5.1 yard average) on 76 rush snaps in 2020. Had 13 catches on 18 targets (one drop) for 133 yards and a touchdown on 130 pass snaps.
  • Outlook: Likely will have to go the undrafted free agent route.

Outside linebacker Charles Snowden (2020)

  • PFF Grade 2020: 67.3
  • Vitals: Had 17 QB pressures and five sacks in 131 pass rush snaps; allowed seven catches in nine targets for 95 yards on 90 pass coverage snaps.
  • Outlook: Day 3 NFL draft pick. Somebody will get a steal with a 6’7″ outside ‘backer who can rush the QB and contribute in coverage.

Inside linebacker Zane Zandier (2020)

  • PFF Grade 2020: 67.6
  • Vitals: Had 31 pressures and two sacks in 120 pass rush snaps; 74 tackles; allowed 21 catches on 24 targets for 174 yards in 247 pass coverage snaps.
  • Outlook: At best a seventh-round pick; likely will have to make a team as an undrafted free agent.

Story by Chris Graham

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