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An inside look at career opportunities in the courtroom

courtMany people change jobs several times within their lives. Some get bored and want to venture into a new industry. Others are looking for a job that challenges them. And many folks want a job that is a combination of both. When seeking employment that looks great on a resume, yet is a change of pace, there are various courtroom jobs that many people never think to apply for. Some are under the mistaken thought that only lawyers and judges work in courtrooms, and who wants to jump on that career path? There are a variety of positions that require only a little to a moderate amount of education or experience related to that field. Read on to learn more about courtroom jobs that are worth considering the next time you’re looking for new employment.

Consider Working as a Court Clerk

Court clerks are an integral part of the court system. These individuals are responsible for maintaining the court calendar, getting probation offers ready, and make information available regarding sentencing, summons, and other issues as they are part of a case. The salary is usually over $30K a year, and most reporters only require an associates degree. A career such as this requires being aware of details, and learning to schedule so that no courtroom becomes overbooked too quickly. For those that have previous experience working as an administrative or executive assistant, this is ideal, since they have already had practice at this, and can put their skills to work. If the idea of working in a courtroom and helping it function as best as possible while reading about various cases sounds interesting, this might be the perfect position for you.

Turn to a Career as a Court Reporter

Court reporters are one of the most crucial elements in any court setting. Although these folks are silent, as they type away and take notes of everything that transpires, they are responsible for keeping a record of what goes on in the courtroom, so it may be referenced later. Again, being aware of details is important, and a minimum of an associates degree is necessary. Many courtroom reporters earn over $50K.  There are companies that will hire a court reporter. That means if you were to begin working, you’d be employed by the company, although you would go to court to perform your job. As a courtroom reporter, you could assess and learn more about legal situations, without ever having to be part of one. It’s sort of like being involved in a courtroom drama, but not taking an active part on stage. For those that enjoy working diligently and taking note of everything that is going on, yet still working in a challenging and fast-paced environment, this is the ideal setup.

Go Inside the System as a Correctional Officer

Correctional officers are just one part of the staff and security that makes up a courtroom. Although they often spend much of their time working in the jail or prison they are employed by, correctional officers do take part in courtroom activities, as they transport prisoners to and from court. This work is not for the faint of heart, since there is stress and sometimes even danger when working in a jail or prison environment. Going to the courtroom proceedings with the prisoners gives this job variety, and helps the officer learn more about the crime the prisoner was accused of. Since individuals in custody cannot attend on their own, the officer must drive them there, and be present all throughout the hearing, right up until their sentencing.

There are many other jobs that are needed for a courtroom to function properly. Hopefully you’ve developed an idea of what sorts of skills are needed, and what most courts look for when looking for individuals to employ. Although you may officially be employed or even work elsewhere part of the time, much of your job takes place inside the courthouse itself. Keep in mind that although there are different types of jobs that are related to working within the court system, each job is important, and no court would be able to function properly if they didn’t have skilled individuals who can handle stress, changes, and careful planning all within a moments notice.

Be aware that within some positions in a courthouse, voters decide who is elected or not. Although none of the jobs are elected positions, if you ever have plans to work at a courthouse and climb up the ladder, it’s something you should be aware of. If you’re looking for your dream career with money, stability, and plenty of drama, consider changing careers into the legal and civic field.

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