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Innovative jewelry made for men

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Jewelry hasn’t changed much in recent history. We’ve seen the same mono-jeweled rings, stud earrings, and modest chains for decades, with little room forging a unique aesthetic of our own.

Thankfully, there are many great new  jewelry for men looks this year that strikes bold new trails for us, blending futuristic fashion with iconic statements from history. The trials of recent history forced many of us to reinvent ourselves, so why shouldn’t the arts we employ to express ourselves do the same?

Signet rings: Historical symbols of power

Throughout history, signet rings have been icons of power, wealth, and authority. Bearing the crests of influential houses or royalty, they showed anyone who gazed upon the wearer that they were not someone to be taken lightly. They were made from gold and often quite large, as the flat crest section of the ring would be used as a personal wax stamp to officiate certain documents, such as contracts or records.

In modern times, a deconstruction signet ring is in fashion. Stripped down of all its symbolism and cast in stark, cold metal—they now act as a statement of how the hierarchy has fallen. A complete inversion of those who stepped on the backs of others, to now adorn the hands of the clever man on the streets.

Banded rings: Simplicity meets modern

Humans have been wearing rings for thousands of years—from carved bones to the earliest wedding rings in ancient Rome. These days, however, banded rings in fashion.

There are several ways in which branded rings are represented, ranging from layers of metals or alloys, carved layers, or grooves filled with lacquer. A banded ring can represent many aspects of fashion. Whether you’re an industrial rockstar or adding texture to your refined look, a banded ring is a great way to stay on the edge of the latest trends for men’s rings.

Drop earrings: Breaching the norms

One of the significant innovations we are seeing is moving away from strict norms for men’s fashion. Sending a wave through the fashion world are drop earrings. Recent history had defined them as more of a women’s style despite the frequency men in alternative groups wore them during the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Drop earrings consist of a short series of links and a hanging attachment that sits below the earlobe. These can range from precious stones to metal designs. The latter usually takes the form of ornate designs or meaningful charms.

Drop earrings are a great way to add interest and movement to your aesthetic, and depending on the style. They can show elegance, mystery, or playfulness.

Cuff bracelets: Ancient history made new

Cuff bracelets have been worn since before the times of ancient Rome. Not entirely dissimilar from a bangle, a cuff is a narrow and modest bracelet with a small gap for one to push their hand through. The singular and simplistic cuff is an easy way to add flair to an outfit while retaining simplicity and charm.

A modern cuff bracelet’s narrow structure doesn’t leave much room for adornment, but some fashions will have colored enamels, minor engravings, and metal layers to add distinction. Perfect as an accessory for business wear or day-to-day attire.

Fashion is changing rapidly, which is just as true as the options becoming available for men’s jewelry. The new direction is deconstruction and bold statements that leave room for the wearer to insert their mean – their own stories – into what they wear. Gold is no longer the high of choice as silver and platinum take their place at the top of modern innovation. Now with these significant trends, you can forge your look in precious metals. Which path will you take?

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