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Injuries common in Appalachia mining operations

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For Kentucky coal miners and their families, the dangers inherent in Appalachia mining operations do not need explanation.  Indeed, in a career fraught with a range of different risks, Kentucky miners face potential cave ins, explosions, and owing to a growth in fracking practices, miners face the added problems associated with long term effects of caustic chemicals used in the process.  Protecting you and your family in the event of an Appalachia mining accident means have a seasoned legal team working on your behalf against the legion of lawyers available to the fossil fuel industry.  If you need a Kentucky attorney well versed in achieving settlements in such cases, Johnson Law Firm is standing by with the answers you need in the event of an accident or illness as a result of Appalachia mining operations.

Holding Responsible Parties Responsible

Coal fields abound in eastern Kentucky, and such fields as Elkhorn, Thacker, Hazard, Paintsville, and more are the nexus point for the removal of millions of tons of coal each year.  Whether tunneling deep underground or surface mining techniques, Kentucky miners work for a dizzying array of different coal companies both big and small.  Moreover, owing to corporate buyouts, mergers, and the bankruptcy of smaller concerns to avoid paying out on claims, it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain who the players are when it comes to litigation.

Here at Johnson Law Firm, we have seen numerous players come and go during the time we have been practicing here in the Bluegrass State, and we have our fingers on the pulse of the coal industry, so plaintiffs can leverage our vast experience and network of contacts to obtain the settlement that they deserve.

While workplace standards within the coal industry are light years ahead of those a century ago, it is an inherently dangerous occupation.  When shortcuts are encouraged or improper management and over site lead to accidents or disasters, the Johnson Law Firm is standing by to hold those accountable for your lost wages, medical bills, suffering, and more.

Common Injuries in Appalachia Mining Operations

Explosions and tunnel collapses certainly garner the lion share of media coverage when it comes to mining operations, but the reality is that there are plenty of ways to get hurt in the coal mines without the ordeal being fatal.  While an injury might not prove fatal however, it can lead to lost time working, expensive medical bills, and possible permanent disability.

Data accumulated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) notes that the plurality of non-fatal injuries suffered by coal miners is the result of tasks related to handling material from the unloading of supplies to the moving of equipment or material account for 30.8% of injuries.  Further injuries were caused by slips and fall accidents (18.8%), caving of rocks or ore (15.5%), injuries sustained while utilizing equipment (11.4%), and accidents in haulage vehicles accounted for a further boost in non-fatal injuries (11.1%).  Finally, rounding out the accident statistics, 5.8% of injuries were caused by accidents involving hand tools.

Additionally, the study noted that accident caused were similar in both underground and surface mining operations, albeit at different rates.  As an example, surface mining injury causes were led by slip and fall accidents (36.9%), errors in handling material (26.9%), powered haulage accidents (11.9%), machinery use (10.1%), and finally hand tool accidents rounding out the grim statistics at 4.8%.

Getting a settlement that works for you and your family means having a Kentucky attorney by your side who fully understands the coal industry, the big players in the coal fields, and how to obtain the settlement that you are entitled to.  The leading goal of coal company attorneys is to limit or decline your claim all together, so you need legal counsel advocating for you and your family.

Call the Legal Team You Can Trust at Johnson Law Firm

Located in Pikeville, Kentucky, our team at Johnson Law Firm specializes in the representation of individuals who have been hurt in workplace injuries.  In other words, we don’t work for corporations or big companies; we work for you and your family.  We aggressively work for you regardless of the legal resources available to the coal industry.

Kentucky coal miners hurt while working an already dangerous task deserve a qualified attorney, well versed in the unique legal environment of fighting big fossil fuel interests.  We are all locals here at our Pikeville office, so unlike promises from large corporate firms working out of such places as New York or Chicago, you can drop into our office and discuss your case.  Here at Johnson Law Firm, we are here for you and your family.