Inhouse or outsource: Which is better for content marketing?

marketing seoCrafting content inhouse or outsourcing it are both excellent options in any marketing strategy, but choosing which is best for your company might seem challenging.

Set a Value on Your Time

Content marketing is time exhaustive, and although many business owners or managers prefer to do the work themselves and save a dime, they are usually wasting money. Content marketing is something that many people feel qualified to take on, but the trained professionals can do the job better, faster, and probably for less than what you make.

If you’re posting on the company blog once a week and updating a LinkedIn account every few days, then there’s no doubt you can manage the content marketing inhouse. But if you’re looking to increase traffic drastically or generate new leads, you will probably need some help.

Content Marketing is More than Writing

SEO consulting is a do-it-all facet of content marketing, but most often people take 3 or more different jobs and lump them together. While an SEO consultant will take on researching, writing, tracking and more, a content writer will only perform writing tasks. A content manager will take on tasks such as researching and publishing material but will often sublet the writing to someone else.

When you’re looking at the big picture of content marketing and how it affects the sales or traffic on your site, it will require more than one person’s attention.

If you choose to do all the content marketing inhouse, spread out the responsibilities. But, if you want to outsource the work, you should consider hiring an SEO consultant or manager who will work your account exclusively while hiring writers when necessary.

Do You Have Experience?

Like anything else in business, the experience will win in almost any debate. Although new minds may have innovative views, an experienced content marketer will understand the logistics of the job.

To take on content marketing inhouse you’ll need an in-depth understanding of how Google determines which sites land on the first page of a search result. You’ll also need to know how Facebook generates ads and how your social media can generate more traffic to your site.

Typically, businesses will outsource any work that would require creating a new department, building new training verticals, or seriously expanding the company’s knowledge base in a short time frame. Content marketing falls into all three categories for most companies, and it’s more than reasonable to outsource this through a digital marketing agency

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