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An infrastructural business model for the 21st Century

The Future Today

Steel is a sustainable building material in addition to being cost-effective. This means it doesn’t just save you money in production, installation, and opportunity, it’s also a positive feature of eco-friendly architecture. Steel-sourced building solutions are good for the planet.

Now, depending on where you live, there may be government incentives available for “green” building solutions. It differs per region, but sometimes a small or large business can get money either through tax relief or otherwise by using “green” solutions. Regardless of which way you slice it, there are advantages to sourcing such options.

Prefabricated architecture is leading a revolution in such cost-effective solutions which many businesses have quickly grown savvy of and begun to utilize. This can be explained simply enough when you consider the numbers involved. Do a Google search and you’ll find that average costs of prefabricated structures range from $10 to $20 per square foot.

If we assume the high number, then as it turns out you can build a structure of 2,000 square feet for only $40k. If the lands it sits on cost you $5k, you’ve built a property you own for only $45k. That’s pretty affordable, isn’t it? But there are more advantages to such solutions you can capitalize on.

Prefabricated buildings like those used in aircraft hangars have a ubiquity of roof space. This can be turned into energy via solar panels. Install several wind turbines as well, you can have a completely sustainable 2,000 square-foot property for under $60k (just be sure and source your solar/wind solutions carefully).


Expenses Further Consolidated

Now look at your monthly budget when it comes to space. Do you spend $1,000 a month on some office you’re renting downtown? $2,000? $3,000? At only $1k a month, you’re spending $12k a year, or $60k over the course of five. At $2k, the five-year figure jumps to $120,000. At $3k, it jumps to $180,000.

Building your property on the land you own represents more than a cost-saving measure, it represents an investment. You can’t turn around and sell the office you’ve rented at $3k a month to a new tenant; that’s the landlord’s job. But you can sell a property you’ve designed. If you’ve designed it sustainable, it will be worth a great deal more than you paid, too.

It’s easy enough to find a purveyor of prefabricated structures. is a producer of steel aircraft buildings which are cost-effective, easy to construct, and durable—as a matter of fact, according to their website, they come with a built in: “40-year limited rust-through warranty.”

If you spent $40k building a prefabricated building on property you own and never sold it, then it’s like renting the space you would have used for a downtown office for only $1k a year—when you factor in the warranty.


Additional Modern Infrastructural Applications

But beyond building, there are even more infrastructural savings opportunities you can append to your operations. You know, there are quite a few benefits to cloud computing solutions. With such tech, you can cut down the necessary size of your office while increasing the effectiveness that your company brings to the table pertaining to products and services.

Through cloud computing, anybody’s home can also be their office. You can get the same work out of employees, they’ll like it better, and you won’t be out the overhead expenses for their working space. If you expand using the cloud then contract with prefabricated building solutions, you can excise tens of thousands from your budget annually.

There are a lot of prefabricated options available today. When buying metal buildings in West Virginia, you have the ability to design certain aspects of prefabricated models in such a way that they fit your business’ needs directly. So figure out those needs, and see where you can save.

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