Indigo Suave: Film could bring big commerce into Virginia

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The director and visual artist discuss how the budding film industry in Virginia could bring in big bucks if done right.

While most of us can only dream of the bright lights of Hollywood, those living in Virginia are likely to be closer to those dreams than they think, according to Princeton undergrad and film director Indigo Suave.

Virginia hasn’t always been the most glamorous film location out there. Nevertheless, it has had significant stars drawn into its version of the silver screen, to have made a Hollywood name.

Film in Virginia has yet to take off

Virginia is home to the CIA-inspired season ‘Homeland’, was once a location in ‘Mercy Street’ and was home to the filming of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ more recently. This budding cinema presence will only grow from now on, according to Indigo Suave. He reckons it is the beatific scenery, interesting buildings, and out-of-the-ordinary streets that make Virginia stand out from the rest.

The Hollywood film industry was valued at 136 billion dollars in 2018. This is a massive area of the economy for LA, but one which could easily be spread out to states willing to tax less, do more, and get creative. Indigo Suave, who hails from Maryland, argues that bringing the film industry to states not yet known for artistic prowess, could see blockbuster film costs fall – and local economies thrive.

Indigo Suave intends to change the way we do film

Who is going to bring about these changes? The next generation of filmmakers, of course. Indigo Suave, real name Michael Osei-Wusu, is due to graduate from Princeton next year, but already has a viral short film and a successful production company in his back pocket.

This budding director and visual artist take his name from the adventures of the great American hero that is Holden Caulfield[1], who consistently used the word “suave” sardonically to describe the scenarios he found himself in. The other part of his name came from being called an Indigo Child by a classmate. The name stuck and, so far at least, it has proven successful.

Like any other little-known-state citizen, Indigo Suave wants to spread some of that success around. Originally a soccer star, his abilities in football earned him his place at Princeton. The young director immediately made film and art his two chosen subjects, setting out to devise his own unique film style – one that has seen him go viral and earn more than 1.4 million views on a single short story.

So far, Indigo Suave has managed to accumulate nearly 30k Instagram followers in his pursuit of 3D and CGI generated animation success. He brings film and sound together to create harmonious films in a style he refers to as ‘Visual Poetry’. It is this fluid, synchronous style that he seeks to bring to Virginia… the new home of film.

Follow Indigo Suave’s progress on Facebook, through his website at A SUAVE PRODUCTIONS, or on his YouTube channel, where you can view his work so far.

Story by Jim Bevin

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