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Incredibly simple eco-friendly bedroom makeover

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As a brand new year approaches, you may want to think about refreshing your bedroom’s look, especially if you haven’t done so for quite a while. After all, you spend a third of your daily life sleeping, which means a lot of time in your bedroom.

Thus, you want your bedroom clean, fresh, and cool. However, you need to work on such a personal project in a safe, easy, and eco-friendly way. After all, you don’t want to renovate your bedroom at the expense of the environment.

Here are just a few simple tips on how to give a spark to your bedroom with Mother Nature in mind.

Recycle stuff in your home

According to the latest statistics on waste generation and recycling, global waste production is poised to worsen by 70% in 2050. But this problem can be slowed down or even averted if each one of us starts recycling stuff rather than throwing them away outright.

You could definitely recycle and repurpose items during your bedroom makeover. For instance, you can use those old wooden boxes in your garage as hanging shelves. Your grandparent’s old cupboard can be turned into a bedroom bookshelf with a little modification. A long-unused sleeping bag can have a second life as a comforter or a blanket.

Check out interior design, home décor, and home hacks websites and magazines for ideas.

Choose the right mattress

The centerpiece of your room – and the main key to a great rest – is your mattress. When trying to pick the right mattress, choose one that is made of eco-friendly materials such as latex foam, bamboo, wool, and organic cotton. These materials are known to be sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable.

Another useful tip is to check if the mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified. That means your mattress is made without heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and other harmful substances. Thus, you can sleep with peace of mind.

Place live plants in your room

You would like your room to feel and look fresh. An effective way of doing that is to add at least one indoor plant in your room. A live plant absorbs carbon dioxide, toxins, and pollutants from your room. In addition, it produces oxygen that keeps the air in your room fresh and healthy. No artificial device of any kind can match the effectiveness of plants when it comes to air filtration.

Going by what an innovative master’s degree in product and interior design teaches us, it is essential to learn how to adapt and really master the art of change, and introducing the right selection of plants to your interior allows you to start a positive change right in your own bedroom.

Declutter your room space

If you haven’t had a bedroom makeover for a few years, then it’s time to get rid of things that cause a lot of clutter. Take out clothes that no longer fit you, toys that you no longer play with, old beddings that you don’t want, and knick-knacks that don’t really have a purpose. You’ll be surprised at the number of unnecessary stuff that’s just lying around your room.

But don’t throw away the clutter just yet. That’s because you can earn money by selling them through a garage sale. It’s an all-win situation. Your bedroom becomes cleaner, you make someone happy, and you earn money in doing so.

Finally, for things left behind, use a recycling app to determine the things you can repurpose or reuse. You can also use the recycling info in the app to locate the nearest local recycling center in your area.

Giving your bedroom a new look is a great start for a brand new year. By following the tips above, your eco-friendly bedroom becomes a template and an inspiration for exciting things to come.

Story by Lillian Connors. Connors is a Senior Content Developer at ACT-ENVIRO, with years of experience in developing content.

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