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Improve your lifestyle with a wine cooler

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You want to drink a beautiful tasty bottle of wine at home and store the bottle in the refrigerator together with your foods and other supplies. Or you store it at the back of a cupboard if it is a bottle of red. After a while you realize that the wine starts tasting differently. Do you also face this challenge when drinking wine?

Preserving your wine for a long time asks for a tailored storage solution that will help you with keeping the wine at it’s best condition, so they are ready to drink whenever you would like to.

Not only for this reason but especially if your wine stock is growing into a serious wine collection, with some of your favorite labels that are selected with high care, then there are enough reasons you should choose for obtaining a wine cooler.

Temperature is king

When you would like to store a wine bottle for some time you must care about storing it at the right temperature. It will preserve the flavor of the wine and extend its lifetime. By controlling the temperature of wine with the help of a stable cooling system, the wine’s natural aging process will slow down. This will slow down the wine’s chemical composition and change in flavor and scent. The advantage of a wine cooler is that it offers multi zone cooling. This will make it able to store whites and reds in the same wine cooler without worrying about the right temperature for each wine, as every zone within the wine cooler maintains its own climate.


If the cork gets dry, this seal is broken, allowing the wine to oxidize. Wine should be stored in a proper place to help the cork maintain its natural moisture and prevent air from altering the taste of your wine. Corked wine will create a brown hue in its color and creates a vinegary, acidic unpleasant taste. Not worth it. Humidity control in a built-in wine cooler can solve that issue.

Protect against UV-light

Natural sunlight will damage your wine very fast. As special designed glass can prevent this. Look for a wine cooler with this option to keep your bottles stored “UV-free”.

Looks fancy

Opening your household refrigerator to show your wine collection isn’t the real deal when presenting your collected wine stock. Wine coolers are designed to look neat and clean and offer special wooden sleeves that can place the wine perfectly horizontal in the cooler and makes it super easy in handling the bottles.

Easy to install into your kitchen cabinet with under counter wine cooler systems or build-in models

Not having any space left inside your home or willing to reserve this for an extra piece of wine cooling furniture? Think about integrating this wine cooler into your kitchen, the center of your daily wine tasting adventure.

Cheapest option compared to creating a wine cellar of buying a average refrigerator

Obtaining a wine cooler sounds very expensive and overrated. As these products are made in large bulks the price can drop seriously and will offer you the option to buy one without losing all of your savings.

Greenest option

As the cooling system is using a very low amount of energy and the devices are well isolated, no need to worry about lot’s of higher electricity usage after installing one.

Low vibration which will prevent damaging the wine quality

Vibration will ruin the wine quality of every wine as the texture of the wine changes drastically. A household refrigerator has got a serious cooling system installed that creates vibrations that will upset your wine. Wine coolers on the other hand are special designed systems who know that these precious bottles of wine would like to rest peacefully.

With the help of a wine cooler, you can arrange your wine, and store them in groups or by type. You could even establish your own home wine list.

When your wine collection keeps growing, it’s time to take wine storage and placement more seriously. Choose for a wine cooler. t will definitely help you in taking care of your wine and will keep it in its best condition by delivering a delicious wine every time.

Story by Marinus Nutma

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