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Important tips on how to grind coffee beans perfectly every single time

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Did you know that ground coffee will lose its aroma and flavor in less time than whole beans? Probably no. Well, now you can understand the true importance of buying beans instead of ground coffee at a local store. Basically you will get the best taste and the best aroma. However, you need to know how to grind it in such way that all the useful ingredients reach the cup of coffee you are making. The following tips will make a professional out of you.

  1. Always grind while making coffee

One of the biggest and the most common mistakes is grinding coffee and then leaving it as it is. As we have mentioned, ground coffee will lose all of its properties in less time than beans making it taste bad and not appealing. Always grind coffee while you want to brew it, never before.

  1. Use burr grinder

The best coffee grinder is always a burr grinder and there is a perfectly-known reason why. This grinder has 2 discs that rotate and are able to make consistent grinding process. Other grinders may use rotating blades which lose consistency and have a negative effect while making the best cup of coffee. That’s why all professionals use burr grinders and they are able to make the coffee we all like.

  1. Consider the consistency according to the method you will brew the coffee

If you are using a French press you will need coarse ground coffee.  All of you who are using flat-bottom coffee makers will need medium ground coffee. Last but not least, if you want to make a cup of espresso you will need fine ground coffee. This is probably one of the most important tips we can give to you and it can make a massive difference.

  1. Grind only what you need

By now you can realize that you need to grind only the amount of coffee beans you are going to use. On average, you will need 16:1 water to coffee mixture and make sure to measure properly every single time. It is easy using a kitchen scale and it will have a huge effect on the taste and aroma. Of course, once you memorize the needed amounts of both ingredients, you can stop measuring.

  1. Use automatic grinders

Here is one important yet rare tip you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Use automatic burr grinders. When we use a manual model, we will want to grind as much coffee as possible as soon as possible. With an automatic grinder, there is no issue.

The final word

If you have been looking for the best cup of coffee and you want to grind it all by yourself, now is the right moment to take another look at the tips we have presented above. They are definitely going to help you as much as possible and you will learn how to grind coffee like a professional, read more here.

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