Important tips you need to know before buying BMX bikes

bmx bikesBMX bikes are unique bikes that are crafted for racing and other off-road sports activities. If you are a beginner, it may be overwhelming and confusing especially in deciding on what to check when choosing a BMX bike. There are various essential details that you need to keep in mind when selecting a BMX one of them being durability.

Tips you need to know before buying BMX bikes

1. Know the Purpose

Even before you go to the shop or order for the bike online, you need to find out the riding you will be doing with the BMX bike. As we saw from the start, these bikes are designed for a variety of riding options which include dirt riding, BMX racing, street riding and also the flat road riding. The choice of the bike will be influenced by the surface to ride the bike on since some surfaces like the dirt surfaces require one to use a BMX bike that has a thick tire for comfortable and firm grip.

2. The type of BMX Bike

There are two options when it comes to buying a BMX bike whereby you can either choose to buy a complete bike or select the bike with parts to assemble on your own. Keep in mind that if you are a beginner or you have not mastered different riding techniques with the bike, getting a complete bike is a right choice for you. There are some disadvantages of buying a whole bike as you may receive a bike that does not have all the parts or some parts may be poorly fixed. But to avoid this, make sure you buy the bike from a reliable source and also consult a professional rider to help you choose the best complete bike. Once you have mastered your riding techniques, you can buy an uncompleted bike and fix it according to your preferences.

3. The Size

This is another crucial detail that you need to concentrate on when choosing a BMX bike. Comfort is essential when riding the bike and to attain it you need a bike that is your equal size. The bikes are sold in different sizes which are measured on the frames. So the taller you are, the longer framed bike you will require and vice versa. Take measurements before you buy the bike to be able to select the correct sized frames.

4.The Frame

Considering that you will be riding the bike on different surfaces, getting a bike with robust structure is essential for durability purposes. Most BMX frames are made of stainless steel to prevent them from rusting in case you ride the bike during the rainy periods or in wet areas. Also, ensure the frames are strong enough to accommodate your weight and withstand different surfaces too. Apart from focusing on the frames, ask for more information on what to look out for when choosing a BMX bike based on the structure.


There are a lot of BMX bikes manufacturing companies worldwide and before you buy your bike, research about the best brand to buy from. Also, BMX bikes are sold at different prices depending on the quality, and others feature too. So know what you need from the bike to make your purchasing process easy.


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