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Important search engine optimization tips to know for Rochester SEO

There are all kinds of websites that explain different things that affect your SEO and search engine rankings, but believe it or not, certain factors are in place that even if you follow other advice and tips (like tags, keywords, and content, etc.) there is a lot more to it. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the most important SEO tips to know about when it comes to your website, and how you can change much of it yourself. If you can’t, you can easily find someone who can do it for you at

Speed Up Your Site

Believe it or not, colors matter on your website. Having an all blue page and backgrounds, images, and more can actually cause larger file sizes. Another thing to consider is that the quality of things like your logos, images, and more don’t need to be as high as you might want to make them. A common mistake is using high quality large 300dpi *.PNG images for your website (especially if they’re layers, this takes a LOT of storage space). You only need 72dpi as this is all that the world wide web will render of your image anyway for displaying. The best thing you can do is get rid of anything that slows down your website like this. Don’t need transparency? Convert it to a medium-high quality jpeg file instead. Get rid of excess responsiveness that is extremely code heavy, and don’t use too much JavaScript that can bulk up your website and make loading times much slower.

Have Relevant Content Links

When it comes to your product, if you’re going to link to outside sources, make sure they have the same kind of content that your website has. Not completely, but make sure that the subject matter is relevant to your own, so it looks like you’re properly networking your resources in order to do the job right. Quality content is everything. Even having content links to your other pages on your own website is important. If you have a toothbrush for sale, use the word “toothbrush” as a link to your product.

Don’t Worry So Much About Google

The main thing that even search engines worry about is that you’re actually being personable. What? I thought they don’t do this because they’re just a machine. Well, the fact of the matter is that certain aspects like the ease of use of your website, navigation, content, and more are more important than maximizing your keywords and using the “grey area” between white hat and black hat SEO. You want to make sure that the people want to read and visit your page, and love it. If your customers don’t exist, then you’re not actually going to increase your results with a personable reputation, which is another factor that search engines look for above all else.

Final Step: Mobility

Today, having a “mobile responsive” page is the latest buzz. You don’t need all of the fancy, fade-in effects, and transitions, and all of the awesome media rich things that you may get on a desktop website. Instead make it easy for your users to operate on a mobile device, because most of the viewing online is now with mobile phones or tablets.

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