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Important aspects to remember when self-publishing a book

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No matter what their reason for publishing a book, most authors aim to be read widely and to earn an income. With self-publishing it has become easier for new authors to avoid the challenge of constantly being rejected by traditional publishers. It also removes the need to work through a literary agent.

Authors of all types of books can now take control of the entire publishing process through the various online platforms available to them. Self-publishing allows authors to earn more royalties, keep creative control over their work of fiction or non-fiction and gives authors the freedom to choose the right marketing and advertising so that the desired sales can be achieved.

Before self-publishing, there are some important aspects that need attention.

Write a good work of fiction or non-fiction

There are quite a few reasons why people decide to write a book. They either have a story waiting to be told (about themselves, someone else, or a work of fiction), they want to help others or change the way certain things are done.

Before starting to write a good book, authors need to consider their readers, especially those in their potential market or target audience. They also need to know if they are writing to make huge sales or receive critical acclaim.

Once they sit down to write they have to make sure that they write a great book and have it professionally edited or proof read. This is an important step that cannot be omitted.

The book cover design must be exceptional

Marketing a book on the huge digital market can be quite difficult, especially if the book doesn’t stand out. Graphic design for book covers (both eBook and print) is a specialized field, so don’t do it yourself unless you are a professional book cover designer.

Genre is important to the design elements and non-fiction books focus on text that makes them stand out at the moment. Most self-publishing companies sell print and eBook covers separately, but self-publishing authors are likely to give a better deal if these are done together.

Print covers also need to be designed to include a spine and back cover, whereas eBook covers are optimized for the thumbnail size image to be displayed in bookstores.

Self-publishing authors have the ability to change book cover at a later date if they feel that they need to re-launch or boost sales.

Write a great book description

Those couple of paragraphs that describe a book will make the difference in sales, or turn the reader away. In works of fiction it’s important to mention the plot, the key character, and it’s not unusual to add a call to action. Non-fiction authors have to concentrate on what problem they are solving for the reader and their authority on the topic. Authors often include reviews from other authors or media and they can also include an interview.

Distribution and marketing of your self-published work

It is important to not restrict any self-published book to one retailer. There is a dynamic marketplace for books around the globe right now and Amazon is not the only place where buyers look for books.

Marketing and selling self-published books are all about laying the groundwork well in advance, at least a few months before the launch of the book. Authors need to get the support of influencers and should engage their audience with hints about the book’s release. As the time for the release approaches excerpts can also be read or published from the book.

Promote by giving away free copies, especially on Amazon, because that can get the necessary “Also Bought” mentions. Asking readers to review the book and sending free copies of the printed book to those willing to give honest reviews is another way to ensure that the book is spoken about.

Social media accounts are great promotional tools for self-published authors who can promote their books with give-away offers and where future readers can also get free updates and additional content in exchange for their contact details. Once people subscribe, they are more likely to buy any future published works.

MINDSTIR MEDIA – the #1 self-publishing company

The self-publishing packages at MindStir Media make the process incredibly easy for those wanting paperback/hardcover or eBook publishing. Their packages include many publishing options and prices, and can be viewed side-by-side, making choosing easier. In order to sell more books, authors have the option to choose from various marketing and advertising services that also include online book advertising programs, author websites, Goodreads author profiles, author interviews, marketing on popular social media platforms and various Amazon services.

MindStir is the #1 self-publishing company and is regularly featured on many international TV channels, while many of the books that they have published have also been award finalists or have won multiple literary awards.


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