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If stress is natural, why do we try to treat it otherwise?

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Stress is the biggest cause of heart attacks and even death in the world. We live in a high pace, high pressure and always trying to compete, keep busy or please the world and we cause our stress naturally. When we look at stress holistically the signs that we ourselves are the cause are blatant. Many of us know we will reach a point of stress before we have even reached it and yet we do nothing about. Once reached we try and fight it and when we get sick from it, we go to the doctor and medication is prescribed. Why? If stress is natural why are we trying to fight it, cure it even with medication?

Natural Stress Busters

When we need more energy, we reach for an energy drink to give us “wings” and this is all part of trying to stretch more out of us to squeeze more into our time. Caffeine may give us a boost; it is natures energy bunny but when it comes to removing the stress, we have caused there are plenty of other natural choices. Take tea, for example, tea has been known to remove stress and green teas are among the very best. But then there are those teas that go that bit further to treat stress and other not so nice things. Teas such as Fitobalt that have added natural products to combat not only the symptoms of stress but cleanse our bodies.

Natural Stress Prevention

While there are many natural stress-busting choices, teas and so forth there are a handful of natural stress preventers. Stress becomes a vicious circle, the trick to combatting stress is the break the circle and know our triggers. There are two top natural ways to prevent stress and both cost absolutely nothing. The first is water. Filling our bodies with coffee and energy drinks are dehydrating us and our bodies become stress further because of dehydration. Our bodies are 75% water and therefore water is the most important substance to top up. No, the sweet flavored water does not count. Water, fresh, pure untainted water with maybe a slice of fresh lemon to give us some taste.

Ultimate Stress Buster

Over and above water the ultimate natural stress buster is sleep. When we are stressed, we struggle to sleep, we struggled to sleep because we pushed ourselves too much and so the cycle started. Break the stress cycle by getting an early night or two. Hydrating your body will help and getting an extra two hours of sleep at night will naturally destress the body. If you have to miss going out with friends, if can miss your favorite TV show and if you can turn in early and snuggle up your stress levels will plummet as your body recharged. Life is not a race and yet we are always competing, competing with others, competing for others and competing with ourselves. Slow down, sleep more, drink more water and get your body back to normal and the stress levels down.

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