Hurt comments on ‘No Budget No Pay’

Robert_HurtCongressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia) on Wednesday released the following statement after voting in favor of the “No Budget No Pay Act”:

“Adopting a budget is one of the most fundamental and most important responsibilities of the federal government, especially at a time when unchecked spending threatens the very future of our great nation. But for nearly four years – for 1,365 days – the United States Senate has failed to execute this most basic task on behalf of the American people. The Republican-led House has put forth responsible budgets to require our government to live within its means. However, the United States Senate has dismissed our budget proposals for serious deficit reduction, driving our economy further into decline. While the House has acted, if the Senate will not join us then we cannot do our jobs. No debt limit increase should be allowed without serious debt and deficit reduction – but in order to do this, the Senate must first adopt a budget.

“The “No Budget, No Pay Act” keeps faith with the American people by ensuring that we fulfill our constitutional duty of honoring our financial obligations. And it forces the United States Senate to finally adopt a budget and join us in confronting our nation’s spending problem. We have spent too much, but we must pay our bills – and in order for the federal government to fulfill those obligations, it is time for the Senate and the President to get serious about reducing the debt.  On behalf of 5th District Virginians and all Americans, we must come together to adopt measures that will preserve the American opportunity for our children and grandchildren – and the “No Budget, No Pay Act” is the first step toward that goal.”

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