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How will the coronavirus impact college bowl games?

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The coronavirus pandemic is having its constant ebb and flow type of infections. However, what kind of impact is it going to make to the college football bowl games this year? That is a good question as the final week of college football wraps up this week with the championship games. Now, that brings forward the already asked question, but it also leads to the question on if the college football championship will be set up with the players isolated to prevent any delays to the game.

Bowl games cancelled

If you check the schedule for the college football bowl games, you will notice that some of them are cancelled. While this has not happened to all of the bowl games, it has already happened to several of the games. The big question is if the bigger bowl games, that are set to be played on January first, will be cancelled? That is unlikely, but it could definitely happen if some of the teams have a virus outbreak before they are set to appear in the bowl game. What else it could mean for the biggest bowl games is that some of them could be delayed or even have a backup team ready to play.

Teams withdrawing from bowl games

Some of the college football teams have announced that they are withdrawing from bowl game contention. This is something that may not be that common and in most of the cases it will not impact the bigger programs, but it is something to be mindful of. This also means that some of the other teams could end up getting a chance to get to the bigger bowl games, and potentially get some national notoriety that they never would have been able to get if some of the other teams didn’t back out.

Postponement of games

With some of the bowl games they are probably going to have a ripple effect if they are cancelled. With that being said it is important to know that some of the bowl games may face only a postponement in the games. This means that they are not cancelled, but they are going to get rescheduled at a later time and date. So do not write off hope on those teams or bowl games that are not being played.

With the college football season it has been one with a shorter season and a lot less games than usual. Look for the college bowl games to be great here and at times full of teams you may have never heard of before. Since that is the case, it is important to know what to expect when you are making your college football picks for the bowl games. Then you can finally get the right picks and know what to expect from the bowl games.

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