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How will businesses bounce back post COVID?

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It seems like we’re going through the longest year in modern human history.

Economies have toppled, established businesses / brands have shut down for good, and the loss of lives is growing day by day.

That said, there is something coming our way that may change the situation … vaccines.

Now that a good chunk of people around the world have started to take the vaccines, it seems like we’ll all be going back to how we did things before.

This doesn’t beat the fact that a lot of business won’t be opening their doors again. The financial toll some of these businesswomen and men took was just too much.

If you were one of the survivors during this period and are planning to open your doors full time again, here are some tips.

Safety is still number one

Although most people at this stage would be vaccinated, it’s still a good idea to keep Covid-19 safety protocols in place. Perhaps not enforced, but definitely in place in case some people still want to adhere by them.

As a business, you should do this at least for the next whole year.

Just to help keep people safe from others who may not have the vaccine yet and to help your own customers transition to previous habits. In a more natural way.

Keep in mind that just like you were locked up inside, so were your customers.

So give them lots of leeway and at the same time, try to hold on to the safety protocols that were put in place for about the next 365 days.

Be kind and patient

Literally everyone will be in recovery mode. Whether physically, emotionally, mentally or perhaps, all three.

Give people room, be kind, welcome them to your business, but at the same time, don’t forget that these people have suffered in their own way. Some more than others. So give them time to communicate their needs as isolating yourself can create some very weird issues in human beings.

So be patient, be nice and do your best in helping your customers out. Some might prefer to have long conversions (An effect of being isolated for too long), so hear them out wholeheartedly and connect with them.

Kindness always goes a long way. Especially during this time.

Get creative with your sales

Just like your business has suffered immensely, a lot of your customers probably lost their income sources as well. To jump start things, try bundling things up and offering package pricing.

This will increase your sales and the desire to purchase your products and services too.

In addition, don’t be stuck to your previous pricing.

You can always go back to it after but initially, keep things as affordable as possible (While getting your modest cut as well). The whole here idea is to help everyone ease back into everyday life.

This kind of thinking will not only help you grow your business right away, but also create a stronger relationship with each of your customers.

Best part, it will give a little break to your loyal customers and give them enough time themselves to bounce back.

Moving forward

It will be tough to adjust when you go back to your business but hang in there. If you can survive COVID-19, then you can handle anything. Onwards and upwards.


Story by Thomas Wown. He is a good soul who thinks people are awesome, they just haven’t realized it yet. He is currently working from home and helps companies with digital marketing. In his free time, Thomas enjoys watching comedy movies.

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