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How to write a scientific article

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Progressed production of a written item for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal demands effort. The efforts that research paper helper do to get you good grades in your essays. This effort can be enhanced by following specific suggestions when creating or composing the product for submission.

Conducting clinical and scientific research is the starting of the scholarship of discovery. To get access to the research results and get a potential effect on the more significant scientific community, it should be written and published. Most scientific and clinical discoveries are published in peer-reviewed journals that utilize a procedure by which experts or the author’s peers evaluate the manuscript because it is an essential element for publication, acceptance, or rejection.

The task of writing and submitting a scientific paper to a journal for publication is often daunting because it is time-consuming and tiring. Hurdles to persuasive writing include:

  1. Lack of experience
  2. Poor writing habits
  3. Writing anxiety
  4. Unfamiliarity with the requirements of scholarly writing
  5. Lack of confidence in writing ability
  6. Fear of failure
  7. Resistance to feedback

Basics of general writing and manuscript preparation

Readers or the reviewers consider the following things essential to make any decision regarding the manuscript for publication:

  1. Timeliness
  2. Importance
  3. Prevalence
  4. Relevance
  5. Quality of the writing
  6. Clear and straightforward
  7. Logical and easy to follow
  8. Design of the study organized
  9. The rigorousness of the study
  10. Comprehensive
  11. The extent to which the study is focused
  12. Thoughtful
  13. Up to date
  14. Use of large sample

There are multiple reasons why the reviewers reject the manuscript based on these statements:

  1. Incomplete
  2. Inappropriate
  3. Insufficiently explained statistics
  4. Over-interpreted
  5. Suboptimal
  6. Insufficiently explained instruments
  7. Insufficiently explained population
  8. Biased samples
  9. Small samples
  10. Bogus content
  11. Poorly written content

However, by following the mentioned-below steps, you can quickly get acceptance by the reviewers.

  1. Begin with the end in mind: Begin with a specific target journal in mind when you start writing about your research. Therefore, every scientific journal must have specific lists of manuscript categories that are focused on their readership. The manuscript categories that IJSPT accepts are:
  • Systematic reviews of literature
  • Clinical commentary
  • Current concept reviews
  • Case reports
  • Clinical suggestions
  • Unique practice techniques
  • Technical notes
  1. Once a decision is taken to write a manuscript, compose an outline that complies with the target submission journal’s demands and has the required sections.
  2. Describe the ideas, procedures, protocols, and outcomes adequately because they are scientific writing pillars. Clear and adequate expressions of your ideas and research information must be the primary goal and aim of scientific writing.
  3. Use graphics and figures to identify and clarify complex ideas. It will help clarify essential data and procedures.
  4. Eliminate plagiarism and add an adequate number of accurate citations. It will add immense value to your essay.

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