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How to write a fantastic transfer essay

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If you are about to being your applications to transfer universities, you are going to want to know exactly what is expected of you when it comes to your transfer applications.

If you are interested in transferring to Boston University or a similarly prestigious school, chances are very good you are going to be asked to develop one or more application essays. Application essays are important for both incoming freshman and transfer students as it allows admissions professionals to look past the grades and test scores and get to know a student.

Essays truly can be the deciding factor between an acceptance or rejection to your dream transfer school.

With that in mind, here are some of the most important considerations to make when you are writing your application essays.

Establish your core values

One of the most important aspects of any application essay is to use it as an opportunity to introduce yourself. Establish your core values, your interests, your passions and your pursuits. This is a great way to represent yourself in a positive manner.

Explain why you chose your current school and why you want to leave

As is the case with every student who is interested in transferring, there are key reasons why. Make sure to mention those reasons and make it clear that at the center of your desire is your educational support. Even if part of the reason is location, size, social life or something arguably less important, you want to make it clear that your primary reason is to pursue a better education for you.

Establish what degree and profession you are planning on pursuing

This is another very important aspect of your transfer application essay. Establish that you have clear goals and are not simply moving ahead aimlessly. Transfer students do have a slightly lower acceptance rate than first-time applicants and admissions employees will want to see that your age and experience has brought upon some more confidence in terms of how you see your future unfolding.

Outline how the school you are applying to will be the perfect fit

This is another very important aspect of your application. Map out what you know about the school you are applying to and why you are confident it will be the fit that you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to fawn over the school a bit. Talk about their history, their achievements and their culture. Afterall, chances are good all that and more has played a role in your desire to join their institution as a transfer student.

Keep your conclusion short, sweet and memorable

When it comes to your conclusion, just make sure to re-establish your primary points and come up with an effective sign off. It also certainly does not hurt to establish your final points in a creative and memorable way. The secret here – and in the whole essay – is to stand out. How you do that, depends heavily on your many strengths as a writer and as a student.

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